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Mystery HDR Meals Case

13 Feb, 2019

In the summer of 2018, a case of Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDR Meals) was mysteriously delivered to our warehouse by FedEx delivery. To our surprise, it had no return address. Thinking that a customer or YouTube channel subscriber would contact us about this Mystery HDR Meals Case, we let it hang out at the warehouse for several months. We even tried contacting FedEx and the originating shipping facility to see if we could obtain any information about the sender, but it was a "blind" shipment. It remains a mystery today...

A few months later, we decided it was time to have some fun, break open the case and HDR meal packs, and share our experience with all of you! Bryan, John, and Jessica joined in on the fun (we spared Janet from exposure to the whole experience, LOL).

At the end of this video, we appended a short piece of an HDR meal "flashback" video from 2014 that had never before been published. And, yes, Jenny is in it!

We hope you enjoy this video, and join us in thanking the Anonymous Sender of this mystery HDR case. It really turned out to be such a fun day at the Epicenter Warehouse!

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