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Making Spaghetti Pucks to Freeze Dry in a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

10 Oct, 2019

Many of us have already tried Freeze Dried Spaghetti from Mountain House. TheEpicenter Crew likes it! But the noodles are broken into really small pieces for easy packaging in a pouch or #10 can . Bryan wanted to preserve the noodle length of his homemade freeze dried spaghetti and increase the density so he could pack in our own #10 cans.

Bryan looked high and low for off-the-shelf molds in just the right size. Adjustable cake molds were too big even in the smallest setting (6" to 12" adjustment); and other molds he found were too small (about 4"). He wanted something around 5.5" and decided to make his own. And they worked out great! Here is our video about making Spaghetti Pucks to freeze dry in a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer:

Are you ready to make your own Spaghetti Pucks to perfectly package your freeze dried spaghetti in a Mylar pouch or #10 can?

For more information about Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryers, please visit our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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