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4.2 Magnitude Earthquake on July 4th 2015 in Springfield, Oregon

05 Jul, 2015

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck our area here in the  Eugene/Springfield area at 8:42 am on Saturday, July 4, 2015. The quake caused no damage or injuries, but we were definitely "shaken up" a bit! The epicenter of the earthquake was about 5 miles away from our home. It sure took us by surprise...

For us here in Oregon, we know earthquakes do occur in our area, but are generally in the 1 to 2 magnitude range. And the location and depth of the quake was rather unexpected as well. It was about 4 miles deep which is considered shallow by the USGS. 

The Pacific Northwest is vulnerable to a very large earthquake (estimated Magnitude 9.0+) along the Cascadia Subduction Zone located off the coast of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

**UPDATE** The ShakeAlert® Earthquake Early Warning Message System is now available for California, Oregon, and Washington residents. For more information on how to sign up for this valuable early warning system, please visit: How do I sign up for the ShakeAlert® Earthquake Early Warning System? to receive alerts on your phone.

NOTE: The ShakeAlert messaging system should not be confused with USGS Earthquake Notification Services, which is NOT an early warning system! The USGS ENS is simply a free, customizable service that sends out automated emails or texts whenever earthquakes occur in whatever area you designate.