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Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Wiring Burned Up

02 Dec, 2022

The video shown below is a "show and tell" from EpicenterBryan about what he discovered when a local customer asked to see if Bryan could fix his old "Knob Style" freeze dryer while he waited for his new freeze dryer to arrive. What happened? The Harvest Right wiring burned up! What caused this?

Our customer said his older freeze dryer started taking lots of extra time to dry, so he ordered a new pump. He never tried the new pump because his old setup started to smell like burning plastic. NOT GOOD!

EpicenterBryan agreed to look into things and tested our customer's old pump and his new pump. In the end, Bryan found the issue with his freeze dryer and replaced the damaged parts.

The ultimate issue was related to the old pump drawing WAY too much power! EpicenterBryan provided him with a relay system that could move pump power from having to go through his freeze dryer so the issue would not come up again. Here is the video:

TheEpicenter.com has the relay system parts in stock. If you want something like this, it is not currently on our website, so please call us at 541-684-0717 and we can provide you with the price and shipping cost.

If you're interested in purchasing your own freeze dryer, please see our Harvest Right Freeze Dryers page.

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