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Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Tip - Preventing Water in the Drain Hose

08 Nov, 2019

Here is a quick tip for preventing the one disaster that happens to every Harvest Right owner, at least once: water sucking up into the drain hose. This happens if you forget to empty your drain bucket and if your drain hose is sticking in the water when you open the drain valve at the end of the drying cycle. Watch EpicenterBryan's tip on Preventing Water in the Drain Hose!

First, Bryan will show what the problem is. Then he shows how to prevent it. We have never seen anyone posting a video about how dramatic this issue is, so we thought we would share it with you!

If you go the plastic route, ask the auto parts guys for a 3/8" barbed "Y" fitting. 3/8" on all 3 barbs. You can also get a pair of plastic ones from Patrick over at frozenright.com. I think that's where I saw the idea originally.

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