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DIY Gunk Catcher for Harvest Right JB Industries Pump

25 May, 2017

Here is a quick and easy project you can build for a few dollars for your JB Industries vacuum pump: The DIY Gunk Catcher for Harvest Right Freeze Dryer (JB Industries Pump)! This gunk catcher helps to prevent oil spurts either due to operator error or restarting the pump while still hot. It also prevents this issue if there is a bit of water in the pump or if the oil level is too high when first started.

This idea came from the nice people over at "Betty's Harvest Right Freeze Dryer's Group" on Facebook. Be sure to check out her Facebook page: Betty's Kitchen & Freeze Drying.

**UPDATE** If you are looking to upgrade your pump, we highly recommend the Harvest Right Premier Pump — we have heard of no issues with the Premier Pumps from any of our customers! For more information and pricing on the PREMIER PUMPS, please contact Harvest Right directly.

**ANNOUNCEMENT** EpicenterBryan is now using a LEYBOLD VACUUM PUMP to operate our two freeze dryers. For more information and pricing on the Leybold Pump, please Contact Us.

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