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Grow Fresh Herbs, Salad Greens & Tomatoes Indoors in the AeroGarden

10 Mar, 2023

The AeroGarden is a fully self-contained hydroponic system for an indoor garden that grows in water -- no soil, no mess. You will enjoy fresh herbs, crisp salad greens, vine-ripened tomatoes, and even edible flowers that will thrive throughout the year, no matter what season it is!

Our Aerogarden Experience

Aerogarden Indoor Hydroponic Gardening SystemIn December 2022, we got our first AeroGarden, the Harvest Model (6 pod) that grows six plants. The unit came with a seed pod kit, a bottle of liquid plant food, and a quick start growing guide. We chose the Gourmet Herbs seed pods to start our hydroponic indoor gardening experience: Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, and Mint.

Aerogarden HerbsWe planted the pods in February 2023, and we can confirm the Aerogarden's 21-Day Germination Guarantee — we now have a gorgeous green herb garden sitting right in our kitchen! Due to the Aerogarden's superb growing conditions, our thriving herbs now need daily "pinching" to keep the herbs under control! We use our pinched (harvested) herbs at least every other day, storing unused harvested herbs. I have found that loosely wrapping the herbs in damp paper towels, placed inside plastic zip-lock bags or a sealed Tupperware container in the refrigerator keeps the herbs longer, but we use them so quickly that they are never stored longer than a day or two). I will be transplanting the growing herbs into their own pots (with a fertilized garden soil) and place them on my window sill until it's time to place them in larger pots on my outside garden patio.

Next up...

...the Red Heirloom Cherry Tomato seed pods. If all goes as expected, the Cherry Tomato starts should be ready for transplanting into the garden beds sometime in late May or early June (weather-depending).

Then in mid-summer we'll move on to the Salad Greens seed pods to grow and transplant in mid-Summer. And we'll continue to grow our indoor hydroponic garden during the late fall and winter months until it's time to start planning for our 2024 garden.

Our recommendation

We highly recommend Aerogarden hydroponic gardening systems if you want to easily grow a small herb, lettuce, tomato, or edible flower garden indoors, especially during the winter months.

The possibilities are endless...there are several Aerogarden models to choose from and a nice variety of seed pod kits including their Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit. We've had such success so far with our own Aerogarden that we are considering purchasing an additional system for a year-round indoor garden.

Where to Buy

Get your own Aerogarden Harvest hydroponic indoor garden kit today!

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