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Grow and Store Your Own Food - Survival Gardening

14 Aug, 2015

Grow and store your own food with an everlasting garden, with self-sufficiency in your preparedness and homesteading plans.

EpicenterJessica wanted to share photos of her summer garden planted with Garden Prep Seeds* and Fruits 'N Such Seeds* (* see UPDATE, below).

Photos taken of her backyard in August 2015 (planted in May/June 2015):

Garden Prep Seeds

Garden Prep Seeds

Strawberry Garden (Fruits 'N Such Seeds)

There are many popular varieties of seeds that can sustain your family perpetually in a time of need! Select non-hybrid varieties so that the seeds may be harvested at the end of the growing season and then used for the next year's planting. Sealed containers of seeds will typically store 4–5+ years on a shelf at 70°F, while seeds stored in a root cellar, refrigerator or freezer will store for much, much longer!

"In the uncertain times that we live in today, many have begun to store food and other supplies to prepare for the possibility of shortage in the future. More and more, you will find people of all ages, income levels and subcultures filling up their spare rooms with buckets of wheat, oats and beans and cans of freeze dried meats and vegetables."Survival Garden Seeds Seed Collections

**UPDATE** We no longer carry Preparedness Seeds in our inventory. However, we highly recommend Garden Survival Seeds to help you grow self-reliance through gardening. Not only is TheEpicenter affiliated with this fabulous American family-owned small business, but we have personally purchased these seeds for our own garden!

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