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Freeze Dry Challenge: Freeze Dried Marshmallows & Pickled Beets

28 Feb, 2017

You asked for it, so we tried it! Another "Will It Freeze Dry Challenge" — Freeze Dried Marshmallows, and Pickled Beets.

We discovered that Freeze Dried Marshmallows are very similar to "Lucky Charms" and were really fun. One thing to note is to not overfill the trays! The marshmallows on top were not quite a perfectly crunchy as those on the bottom of the pan.

The Freeze Dried Pickled Beets were a big hit. If you like pickled beets you MUST to try them! A large #10 can of pickled beets easily fills three trays. It would probably fill four trays if you keep them away from Jenny!

We took the challenge, and we have decided to make several batches of freeze dried pickled beets for ourselves. Pickled Beet Chips ROCK!!! (Even for those who are not "Beet Fans")

We'll likely do another batch of marshmallows again too...they will be handy for those chilly Hot Chocolate winter days here in Oregon.

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