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Freeze Dried Cioppino in our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

10 Oct, 2019

In this video, we made a batch of Freeze Dried Cioppino (Fish Stew in a Fresh Tomato Sauce) in our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. One of our YouTube channel subscribers, Bryan (who is also an Epicenter customer) was in town with his friend Levi, and we decided to cook up a dish specifically for the channel, and we freeze dried it!

We purchased the seafood from Fisherman's Market in Eugene, Oregon, and bought several items from Bruns’ Apple Market which is right across the street from the fish market here in Eugene.

The three of us (Bryan, Levi and EpicenterBryan) all had lunch at Fisherman's Market, which was a bad idea since we were stuffed after lunch! So when we tried the Cioppino, none of us were hungry (lol). However, more than a month later, TheEpicenter crew tried out the freeze dried version and ... oh my... we all LOVED IT!

In our final taste test, we had special guest join us — Patrick, a baker here in Eugene, Oregon (My Mom's Kitchen on Facebook), brought over some freshly-baked Italian Bread Balls for us to try, and we included those in in this video as well! (He only makes his oh-so-yummy bread balls for friends and family, so this was a special treat for us!) In the video, Patrick also explains how these bread balls relate to his home town in Erie, PA.

Thanks again to everyone involved in the making of this video, including Bryan, Levi, and Patrick!

For more information about home freeze dryers, please visit our Harvest Right Freeze Dryers page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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