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EMP Shield - Electromagnetic Pulse & Lightning Protection

15 Feb, 2023

EMP Shield - Electromagnetic Pulse ProtectionDue to current dangers of Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and Power Surges, EMP Shield has developed the world’s first ElectroMagnetic Pulse EMP protection technology that can defend your home, business, car, an entire electric grid, and more from a high altitude EMP threat (HEMP). EMP Shield products also provide some of the world's most advanced electromagnetic pulse, power surge, lightning, solar flare, and CME protection. Protect your valuable electronics from an EMP strike! The EMP Shield has been tested at the Keystone Compliance Laboratory which is a federally-approved and DOD testing facility. Testing of the EMP Shield has shown the EMP Shield far surpasses all military EMP Protection device standards.

  • The Government has released an EMP Executive order & Homeland Security is urging people to get prepared quickly!
  • Although the grid may be down, your electrical equipment and home will still be functional if you have EMP Shield.
  • EMP Shield will ensure your vehicle operates after an EMP helping you get home, save family members, or even get supplies while others cannot.
  • Your home will be 100% protected from lightning saving you thousands of dollars and months of time if you are hit with lightning.
  • If you have a solar system or generator, you will have power and functional equipment while others do not.
  • EMP Shield is Veteran-Owned, 100% American made, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and you get FREE SHIPPING within the continental U.S.

What is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?

A nuclear EMP is defined as having three (3) distinct pulses of voltage/current:

The E1 pulse is caused by the gamma rays released during the nuclear reaction. The Gamma rays interact with the electrons and the nucleus of the atoms that make up the atmosphere, and this interaction results in freeing electrons from their atoms. The free electrons ionize the atmosphere (ionization results in electron flow), which can be seen as the flow of electricity through anything that acts as an antenna. All of the wires that make up our nations’ electrical grid make an excellent antenna, which will produce an over-voltage condition throughout the affected area. For an optimally positioned detonation (approximately 300 miles high and over the center of the US), the entire nation will be affected by the E1 pulse. The E1 pulse starts at the time of the detonation of the weapon and continues until 1 microsecond after the detonation.

The E-2 pulse starts at 1 microsecond and continues until approximately 1 second after the detonation. The E-2 pulse is caused by the inelastic scattering (matter bouncing off other matter) of the matter from the nuclear weapon interacting with the matter that makes up the atmosphere continuing to ionize the atmosphere.

The E-3 pulse starts at approximately 1 second after the detonation and can continue for several minutes. The E-3 pulse is caused by the nuclear detonation distorting the earth’s geomagnetic structure, and then its reconfiguration. As the magnetic lines are pushed out of configuration and then come back into normal configuration, electricity is generated, and flows through the atmosphere until it contacts an antenna (wires).

The antenna that is most affected will be the nation’s power grid, but all arrays of wiring (even in your house) will act as large or small antennas and will produce the flow of electricity and over-voltage conditions.

Where to Buy EMP Shield Products

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