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Are You Purchasing (or Do You Have) OLD Mountain House Pouches or #10 Cans?

03 Jan, 2024

TheEpicenter.com has been an authorized dealer and reseller of Mountain House® Freeze Dried Foods since 2005. We are a small family-owned business with many years of experience in the emergency preparedness industry, and we're here to offer you the entire Mountain House product line! We offer the lowest prices possible and provide you with honest and dependable customer service.

Mountain House History

The parent company of Mountain House began making freeze dried food for the military in 1963 during the Vietnam Conflict when they won a military contract for food to replace the K and C rations. And, to this day, OFD Foods LLC (formerly Oregon Freeze Dry) has continued producing food for the United States Special Forces and other branches of the military.

In 1968, Oregon Freeze Dry discovered there was a consumer demand for good tasting, easy to prepare freeze dried food, and that is when the Mountain House brand began. Since then, consumers have continued to choose Mountain House as their favorite brand of freeze dried food for on-the-go adventures, emergency preparedness, and survival.

OFD Foods LLC, the makers of Mountain House, is located in Albany, Oregon, about an hour south of Portland, and about 45 minutes north of Eugene. All Mountain House Meals are cooked and packaged in their Albany facility.

Are you purchasing current production Mountain House products?

Our inventory consists of the most current/recent production Mountain House brand Adventure Meal pouches, Pro-Paks, and #10 Cans with a stated shelf life of 30 years...possibly even longer! We also offer Military production overruns whenever they are made available to us. However, there are some facts that you might want to consider before purchasing Mountain House products on other sites.

The question is: Are you purchasing OLD Mountain house products?

Following are examples of the most current Mountain House packaging. This is what you want to look for...the Newest Product Packaging::

Mountain House #10 CanMountain House Adventure Meal PouchNew Mountain House Adventure Meal Pouch

New Mountain House Pro-PakMountain House Classics PouchMountain House Military Silver Foil Pouch

You may want to avoid purchasing any Older-production Mountain House products that look like the photos shown below. Please be cautious when buying products with this older packaging — especially if you do not know how the product has been stored.

Also, it's important to note that Mountain House products made prior to 1986 do not fall under the 30-year shelf life and Taste Test guarantee.

If you have any of these Mountain House packages, they could be beyond their best by date, and it might be time to replenish your supplies. NOTE: Just because a Mountain House product has gone "beyond it's expiration date" does not necessarily mean it's still not okay to eat! If you open a pouch or #10 can and it smells rancid, or it just doesn't smell like you would expect, THROW IT AWAY AND DO NOT EAT IT!

Old Production Mountain House PouchOld Production Mountain House Pro-PakOlder Mountain House Pro-Pak Pouch

Old Production Mountain House #10 CanOlder Production Mountain House #10 CanOlder Mountain House #10 Can

Other examples of old Mountain House Product Packaging...

Mountain House Product Packaging

Are You Really Getting What You Pay For?

If you are considering purchasing Mountain House products from another seller, there are some questions you may want to ask, even if their Mountain House product packaging looks current. These questions may help you determine if you are getting a "really good price" — but maybe not a very good deal...

  • How have these products been stored?
  • Where have they been stored? And at what temperature?
  • What is the actual production date (to determine how long they've been stored)?
  • Were the products purchased directly from the manufacturer (OFD Foods)? Or another vendor?

About Mountain House Products and other inventory at TheEpicenter

1. To ensure customer confidence, our website publishes the production year for all of our Mountain House products on the product detail pages (click on the Product Image or Product Name). When you shop with us, you will be receiving the most current production available.

2. Our Mountain House inventory rotates often. We typically receive the most recent production runs from OFD Foods, the makers of Mountain House, is located in Albany, Oregon, about 45 minutes north of our warehouse facility. All Mountain House products are shipped to us directly from the manufacturer (1 business day in transit to our warehouse).

3. All Mountain House products are stored in our Eugene, Oregon, warehouse facility. Our warehouse temps range an average of 60 to 75 degrees, depending upon the season.

TheEpicenter.com has been an authorized dealer and reseller of Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods since 2005. We are a small family-owned business in Oregon and we have many years of experience in the emergency preparedness industry. We are here to provide you with the best products, and to offer you our honest and dependable customer service. We are here for you!

To see the products we have available in our inventory, please visit our Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods page @ TheEpicenter.com.