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2017 Hurricanes & Wildfires Affect MRE Supply | KVAL TV Eugene

01 Dec, 2017

December 1, 2017 - Tom Adams of KVAL NEWS and stopped by TheEpicenter's warehouse on Thursday, November 30, 2017, to discuss the 2017 hurricanes & wildfires and how they have affected the MRE supply and sales at TheEpicenter.

TheEpicenter's statement: "Due to the three 2017 hurricanes and numerous western wildfires, it may be a while before MRE Meals Ready to Eat become available again. We are vigilant in our efforts to procure new MREs, but they aren't being offered by the manufacturers at this time. In the meantime, TheEpicenter has a good supply of MRE Sandwiches, some MRE Snacks, and popular Freeze Dried Foods in stock, as well as the most popular Water Filters, Outdoor Stoves, and other preparedness and survival supplies!"

Tom Adams & KVAL.com Full Story (12-01-2017)

Full news story available here: Hurricanes Sap Supply of MREs - and Eugene firm's business model.

Source: Video and News Story by Tom Adams KVAL News and KVAL.com staff. Photo Exclusives @ TheEpicenter by KVAL