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Water Purification Treatment and Filtration 
Emergency Survival Drinking Water Rations 
Water Drum Accessories

We stock Emergency Water Rations, Water Filters, Water Treatments, Water Bottles with built-in Filters, and Emergency Water Filtration including a Desalinator. We also stock Water Barrel accessories including Bung Wrenches, Bung Plugs and Adapters, and a Siphon Pump. We feature Katadyn, Aquamira and Potable Aqua products.

Water Filters

HydroPack Self-Hydrating Water Filter Pouch

The Simplest Way to Prepare for Water Emergencies!

The HydroPack is a one-time-use emergency hydration pouch. Each pouch is pre-filled with a flavored osmotic agent that, when fully hydrated, becomes an electrolyte enriched drink.

  • Each resealable package contains six (6) one-time-use filter pouches, each producing 12-17 fl oz of clean, drinkable water
  • The HydroPack produces the highest purity levels of any personal water filter
  • The non-clogging filter means expanded water source options
  • Enhances hydration and improves user performance

How it works: Simply place the pouch in any water source and it will self hydrate. The pouch iteself is the forward osmosis membrane filter that allows the pouch to draw-in water and reject even the harshest contaminants. The pouch will hydrate in approximately 10 hours. Once hydrated, insert a straw through the pouch or simply cut the corner off to consume.

In independent laboratory tests, the one-time-use HydroPack filters meet or surpass reductions for bacteria, viruses, and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers.

HydroPack 6-Pack, Self-Hydrating Emergency Water FilterPrice: $21.95

X-Pack water filterThe X-Pack Water Filter System

The X-Pack is the larger brother of the LifePack Emergency Water Filter System as listed below. We also carry the SeaPak desalinator system.

The X-Pack provides up to 55 liters of clean drinking water from nearly any surface water source over a ten-day period. Purity levels are comparable to reverse osmosis systems, and the filter meets EPA standards for the removal of biological pathogens (viruses, bacteria, cysts). This unit has been used by soldiers to drink the floodwaters in New Orleans. You can trust the X-Pack to provide safe and simple water filtration wherever you are. The filter life of the X-Pack is 10 days.

How it works: The X-Pack is simple enough for a child to use. Just put dirty water into the red port, and add one sports syrup charge into the green port. That's it. The water will be filtered by the advanced forward osmosis membrane as it is drawn into the X-Pack's inner chamber. When the process is complete, simply pour the clean drink out and restart the system. No purifying chemicals are required, nor is any power input needed other than the sports drink syrup charges that drive the filtration process by osmosis.

  • The highest purity levels of any personal water filter
  • Non-clogging filter means expanded water source options
  • Dilute sports drink output enhances hydration and improves user performance
  • Comes with Ten 2-oz sports drink syrup charges. Resupply kit is also available below.

x-pack videoWatch the X-Pack filter in operation on YouTube.

The X-Pack Water Filter SystemPrice: $57.95

x-pack resupply kitX-Pack Resupply Kit for above

Ten additional 2-oz sports drink syrup charges and dye tabs for use with the X-Pack.

X-Pack Resupply kitPrice: $22.95

The Sea-Pack Emergency DesalinatorSea-Pack Emergency Desalinator

Generates a lifesaving drink directly from salt water.

The SeaPack emergency water desalinator makes a survival drink from any available water supply: salt water, brackish water, muddy water, or questionable fresh water for up to 10 days.

The key to SeaPack's reliability is its ease of operation: simply fill the filter's red port with dirty water and squirt one of the enclosed syrup bottles into the green port. The forward osmosis membrane filter does the work by attracting pure water molecules to the electrolytes in the syrup which then pass through the pores of the membrane. 97% of salts are rejected and mud and pathogens are also rejected to EPA standards. Since there is no pumping, the SeaPack won't clog and requires no energy to operate.

From salt water, the SeaPack will produce 1/2 liter (16 fl oz) of lifesaving drink in five hours from each syrup bottle. The filtered drink is high in sugars to help provide the calories needed in a survival situation. This forward osmosis technology is trusted and used by boaters, aviators, and U.S. military personnel, and has been used around the world.

Video of the X-pack, Life-Pack and Sea-Pack filter in useWatch a video that shows how the X-pack, Life-Pack and Sea-Pack filters work by Dr. Dean Addell from ABC news.

Sea-Pack Emergency Water Filter (includes one SeaPack filter and five syrup bottle charges).  Price: $69.95

Katadyne Hiker MicrofilterKATADYN Hiker Microfilter

The outdoor market's best selling microfilter.

Compact design and easy operation. Chosen "Best in the bunch by a long shot" in Backpacker Magazine's field test for ease-of-use.

  • Microfiltration method: AntiClog technology; 129 square inches of pleated 0.3 micron glass fiber media.
  • Output: Up to 1 qt/minute (48 strokes/minute).
  • Cartridge capacity: Depends on water quality.
  • Weight: 11 oz. Height: 6.5". Hose length: 36".
  • Includes: Prefilter.
Katadyn Hiker Microfilter System.  Price $69.95
Replacement Filter for Katadyn Hiker Microfilter System. Price $40.95

KATADYN Pocket  water FilterKATADYN Pocket Filter

For nearly 30 years, the Katadyn Pocket Filter has had the reputation of being one of the finest filters available. Katadyn has been designing water treatment devices for over 65 years.

Since no chemicals are used to remove bacteria and protozoa, the filter provides easy maintenance and has an indefinite shelf life. The cost per gallon is lower than any other quality filter. The sturdy aluminum shell and ceramic element of the Katadyn Pocket Filter will treat up to 13,000 gallons.  The ceramic water filter offers 0.2 micron filtration and a flow rate of up to 1 liter per minute.

Includes 40" (100 cm) suction inlet hose, cordura case, cleaning device and measuring gauge, and a zip-up nylon bag. Replacement filter element is also available.

Katadyn Pocket Filter.  Price $339.95
Replacement Filter for Katadyn Pocket Filter.  Price $179.95

Frontier Pro Water FilterFrontier Pro Water Filter

  • Compact and easy to use. Fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Gravity flow design does not require pumping.
  • The design prevents cross-contamination of the clean output and the dirty input ends.
  • Integrated cap keeps the drinking end contamination-free.
  • Filters up to 50 gallons of water depending on water clarity.
  • Removes more than 99.9% of particles 3 micron or larger.
  • The patented "Bite Me" output valve provides drip-free drinking.

This filter can be connected to almost anything using the universal connectivity system. The Frontier Pro filter will connect directly to any water bottle with a 28mm opening (such as a Platypus® or standard spring water bottle). Using the tube connection feature, you can connect to the drink tube of your hydration system, or drink from any open container or water source. Since you drink directly from the unit, there is no chance of confusing inlet and outlet tubes which could result in cross contamination. The Frontier Pro can also be set up in a "gravity flow" mode to filter water unattended.

Aquamira Frontier pro filter Watch an independent review of the Frontier Pro Water Filter on YouTube.

Aquamira Frontier Pro Emergency Water FilterPrice: $21.95

55 gallon heaterWater heater filter adapterOptional Water Heater Adapter for the FrontierPro Water Filter

Virtually every home has water stored in the water heater that can be used in the event of an emergency. The difficult part is getting the water out of the heater tank when the water pressure is off. Water can be collected from the drain valve, but it must be filtered before it can be consumed in order to remove harmful sediments that have built up in the water heater.

This ingenious device will turn your FrontierPro Water Filter into a water heater filter. In the event of an emergency, simply attach your FrontierPro filter to the water heater drain valve using this adapter to provide safe, clean water for your family.

Optional Water Heater Adapter for FrontierPro Water FilterPrice: $5.50

Aqumira Water Filter BottleAquamira Filtered Water Bottle

  • New ergonomic, "No-Tip-To-Drink" bottle.
  • 20oz capacity (with filter installed).
  • Lightweight. Weighs only 5.44 oz./154g (when dry).
  • Positionable, high flow, BiteMe valve (US patent #6039305).
  • Aquamira's CR Filtration Technology meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI standard 42 for chlorine, taste and odor reduction, and meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI standard 53 for cyst removal.
  • MiraguardAntimicrobial Technology.
  • Environmentally Safe and Friendly. Each 100 gal capacity filter prevents 33 lbs. of plastic water bottle waste.
  • Economical. One replaceable filter is equivalent to 640 20oz plastic water bottles.
  • BPA and Phthalate free plastics.

The new Aquamira Water Filter Bottle provides a lightweight, easy-to-use supply of safe drinking water. The new Aquamira CR Filtration Technology not only removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors, but it also removes over 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia, the two leading causes of waterborne illnesses. When complete inactivation of Bacteria and Virus is required, we suggest using with Aquamira Water Treatment or Water Purifier Tablets.

This newly designed Aquamira Water Bottle is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand, in standard cup holders, or bicycle cages. The additional "Finger-Grip" carry loop allows you to carry the bottle with one finger, or secure it to backpacks. Constructed of BPA free LDPE plastic, the Aquamira water bottle is easy to squeeze, when higher flow rates are desired. The patented Bite-Me valve provides high flow rates, leak-free shut-off and will not pinch your tongue.

With a 100 gallon capacity, the new Aquamira Filter Capsule boasts several improvements over the "Drop-In" filter design. The capsule is easy to install, ultrasonically sealed, and interfaces directly with the Bite-Me valve, making a seal between the cap and filter unnecessary.; Venting is independent of the filter, eliminating any chance of cross contamination. Since the filter draws from the bottom of the bottle, there is no need to tip the bottle to drink. Just bite and squeeze to enjoy fresh filtered water anytime.

Filter flow rate, throughput capacity, and strength testing is completed on every lot of filters prior to acceptance for production, and are traceable using the lot code imprinted on every filter. Replacement CR-100 filters are also available.

Aquamira Water Bottle and FilterPrice: $22.50

Aquamira Filter ReplacementAquamira CR-100 Capsule (Replacement for Water Filter Bottle)

This replacement filter for the new Aquamira Water Filter Bottle not only removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors, but also removes more than 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia, the two leading causes of waterborne illnesses.

The filter will treat 100 gallons of water. The capsule filter is light weight, easy to install, and ultrasonically sealed. Venting is independent of the filter, eliminating any chance of cross contamination. And, since the filter draws from the bottom of the Water Filter Bottle, there is no need to tip the bottle to drink.

  • Aquamira's CR Filtration Technology meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI standard 42 for chlorine, taste and odor reduction, and meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI standard 53 for cyst removal.
  • High flow, low pressure drop.
  • 100 gallon capacity.
  • Miraguard Antimicrobial Technology.
  • Economical! One filter equals 640, 20oz. plastic water bottles.
  • Improved venting and filter/bite valve interface.
  • BPA and Phtalate free.
Aquamira Water Bottle Replacement FilterPrice: $12.50

Frontier Emergency Water FilterFrontier Emergency Water Filter Straw

Emergency or back-up "straw" filter for traveling, hiking and fishing. Great for an emergency kit!

  • The filter can be used to drink from any bottle or cup or directly from water sources.
  • Removes more than 99.9% of harmful Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other pathogens (3 micron or larger).
  • Removes contaminants down to 2 microns in size including pathogens such as giardia, cryptosporidium and large bacteria.
  • Can filter up to 20 gallons depending on water clarity.
  • Comes with filter and straw.

For maximum protection, this filter can be used in conjunction with Potable Aqua Tablets shown below (purchase separately).

Frontier Straw Emergency Water Filter.  Price $8.95

Water Treatment and Purification

Water treatmentWater Treatment Concentrate for Water Storage

Aquamira Water Treatment is now available in a convenient and economical 2oz. size and is perfect for treating stored water in 55 gallon or smaller drums. It is also ideal for treating water in RV storage tanks, animal drinking troughs, on site water storage tanks such as cisterns or camp water systems. Aquamira Water Treatment treats drinking water using chlorine dioxide to kill bacteria, control the build up of slime and improve the taste of stored water. Each kit contains everything you need to treat up to 60 gallons of water.

When used according to instructions, and kept in a sealed container, treated water needs no further treatment for 5 years.

Chlorine dioxide, a well-established disinfectant, is the active ingredient in Aquamira® Water Treatment. Chlorine dioxide does not contain  iodine and is chlorine free. The unique formula works by releasing nascent oxygen, a highly active form of oxygen, which is a strong oxidant and a powerful germicidal agent. Chlorine dioxide has been used by municipal water treatment plants to kill a variety of waterborne pathogens since the late 1940s.

Chlorine dioxide does not discolor water, nor does it give water an unpleasant taste. In fact, chlorine dioxide is used to improve the taste of water by neutralizing unpleasant flavors.

Water Treatment ConcentratePrice $14.95

Water treatment tabletsPotable Aqua Water Purification Tablets

Stop! Don't drink that water!

Germicidal treatment tablets for emergency disinfection of drinking water. Used by campers, hikers, militaries and emergency organizations. Prevents intestinal disorders caused from drinking water that is contaminated with bacteria. Not to be used on a continuous basis.

One tablet makes one quart of safe water (2 tablets required if Giardia is suspected).

  • Contains 50 tablets per bottle
  • Easy to use
  • Iodine based compound
  • No unpleasant taste
  • Uniform dosage, no guess work
Potable Aqua Tablets.  Price $7.95

Aqua Tabs PlusPotable Aqua Water Purification Tablets WITH PA PLUS

  • Potable Aqua Tablets, treats up to 25 quarts  (50 tablets per bottle)
  • PA Plus tablets (the jar with the yellow lid) removes iodine taste and color (50 tablets per bottle)
  • Easy to use
  • Iodine based compound
  • No unpleasant taste
  • Uniform dosage, no guess work

The Potable Aqua germicidal tablets are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water. When used as directed they make most water bacteriological suitable for drinking. Used worldwide by hikers, campers, militaries and emergency organizations. To be used when water is of questionable quality and should not to be used on a continuous basis. The PA Plus tablets are neutralizing tablets that are used to remove iodine after-taste and color, after water has been treated.

Potable Aqua Tablets with PA PLUSPrice: $8.95

Water Storage & Drinking Water Accessories

Stainless Steel CupLightweight Stainless Steel Cup

We have a special deal on this lightweight stainless steel drinking cup.
Only 800 available.

  • Holds 16 ounces.
  • Weighs just 3 ounces.
  • 3.9" tall x 3.15" diameter

Buy more and save more!

Stainless Steel Mil-Spec Cup.   Price $2.95 ($2.49 for 4+,  $2.19 for 8+)

OliCamp cup and water bottleStainless Steel OliCamp Space Saver Cup

Shown here with optional water bottle (not included)

The Space Saver cup from OliCamp maximizes space in your pack buy fitting on the bottom of our water bottle, or any 1 quart Nalgene brand bottle.

  • Made of Stainless steel.
  • Fold away handles.
  • 16 oz. capacity
  • Measuring gradations on side.
Stainless Steel Space Saver Cup.  Price $9.95

Water BottleWater Bottle

  • Material: Copolyester Plastic (BPA Free)
  • Heat, Stain, and Odor Resistant
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Attached Loop-Top easily screws On and Off
  • Capacity: 1000 ML (34 oz) and scale in ml and ounces
  • 2 1/2”  Wide Mouth opening
  • Dimensions: 8.75" tall x 3.625" diameter
Water Bottle, 1000mlPrice $4.95New Item

5 Liter water bag5 Liter Water Bag

This water bag folds for easy storage in your bug out bag, car kit, or home emergency kit.

  • Capacity: 5 Liters (1.3 gallons)
  • Dimension: 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" x 4-1/3"
  • Thickness: 180 Micron
  • PA/PE/PE Material
  • BPA Free
  • Spout Diameter: 1"
  • Attached Plastic Screw Cap
  • Built in Handle on Body
5 Liter Water Bag.  Price $2.49

Half Liter Water BagOne Half Liter Water Bag (16 ounces)

This water bag folds for easy storage in your bug out bag, glove compartment or any compact space.

  • Capacity: 1/2 Liter (16 ounces)
  • Dimension:  5" 8-1/2" x 3"
  • PAPE Material
  • BPA Free
  • Thickness : 140 Micron
  • Spout Diameter: 11 mm
  • Attached Plastic Screw Cap
1/2 Liter Water Bag.  Price $1.29

Water Drum Barrel Storage Accessories

Bung adapter for 3/8 driveBung Adapter for 3/8" drive ratchet

Here is an Epicenter exclusive, for the guy who has everything!

  • This adapter fits any standard 3/8" drive ratchet, and lets you open or close the Bung Caps on your barrels.
  • Laser cut from 1/4" Stainless Steel, and fits all "Buttress style" bung caps found on most water drums.
  • Made to fit both coarse and fine thread caps.
  • Made for us right here in Eugene, Oregon.

More expensive than our normal Bung Wrench, but has that cool factor. Looks great in your tool box.

Bung Adapter for 3/8" Drive RatchetPrice: $12.95

Bung CapReplacement Bung Caps for 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums

Spare coarse or fine thread bung caps. These include replacement rubber gaskets!

Bung Cap - FINE threadPrice $1.75
Bung Cap - COARSE threadPrice $1.75

Bung seals

Also available, Bung Seal / cap covers. These keep crud out of your bung caps for outdoor applications.
These only fit the bung caps we sell and more than likely will not fit your existing caps.
Once installed, they cannot be removed without destroying the seal.
This makes them ideal for verifying that no one has tampered with your water source.

Bung Cap SealPrice $0.75

Pump for barrels, Emergency water containers.Siphon Pump for 55 and 30 Gallon Drums

Fits 55 gallon and 30 gallon emergency water storage containers.

  • Makes it super easy to change the water in your drum.
  • Pump handle starts the flow, gravity does the rest of the work.
  • You will need to cut the plastic pipe to shorten it for use with a 30 gallon drum! We only supply them full length!
Siphon PumpPrice $12.95

Note: Shipping this Siphon pump is expensive because it must ship in a Long Box. Our system knows that it normally has to ship by itself.

SAVE ON SHIPPING by selecting these OPTIONS which can ship in the same box for no extra shipping cost.
Add a Bung Wrench (+$5.99 - no extra shipping cost!)
Add a Bung Adapter for 3/8" drive ratchet. (+$12.95 - no extra shipping cost!)
Add Water Treatment Concentrate, treats 60 gallons. (+$14.95 - no extra shipping cost!)

Barrel Buddy II, Water Drum Bung Wrench

This Bung Wrench is a "universal" type that may be used to open and close 55 gallon, 30 gallon and 15 gallon water containers for periodic water changing.

Water Drum Bung WrenchPrice $6.99  ON SALE NOW - Price $5.99

Emergency Drinking Water

30 year shelf life canned waterEMERGENCY PURIFIED DRINKING WATER


This water will survive severe conditions of extreme cold and intense heat for 30+ years!

The processing and purification used by the Military for decades has been improved, adding additional stages which eliminate all bacteria. These cans contain 24 ounces of water with a small amount of vacuum space which allows for expansion from freezing or excessive heat without bursting.

  • BPA free!
  • Processing of water is approved and used by US Government under MIL Spec W-15117.
  • Strong, structurally sound steel lithographed can. No paper labels to come off!
  • Cases stack extremely well, and will not crush under their own weight.
  • This water will survive severe conditions. The vacuum canning process allows water to expand in extreme cold and survive intense heat to 260 degrees.
  • Store at least 2 cans of water per person per day.
  • Product of USA.

12 cans (24 oz water each) to a case
Each case contains 2.25 gallons of water (288 ounces).
Weight 23 pounds.

Canned Emergency Drinking Water (Case of 12).  Price $31.92

Emergency Drinking Water Rations

  • U.S. Coast Guard approved for 5-year storage
  • Purified by reverse osmosis
  • Meets/exceeds U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards
  • 4.225 fl. oz. flexible trilaminate foil pouches
  • No oxygen transfer (In other words, no chance of bacterial contamination)

Durable packaging withstands temperature extremes from -40° F to 210° F
The cases of 60 are easy to transport - just over 18 lbs. (8.17 kg) per case of 60 packets.

Please Note: A 12-pack of water ration pouches has a 3.6 lb ship weight; a full case of 60 pouches has an 18.2 lb ship weight.

Water Ration - 12 pack.  Price $3.60
Water Ration - Case of 60.  Price $15.00

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