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Emergency Preparedness Food & Survival Supplies since 1995

We have current production MRE Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods. Everything you need for your long term food storage, emergency kits, and outdoor camping, hunting, hiking, and backpacking activities. We are an authorized dealer and seller of top rated products from the following manufacturers: SopakcoAmeriQual,   MREStarMountain HouseWise CompanyGourmet ReservesSterling FoodsSurvivor Ind Thermo-Pac,  and more.

For your Emergency & Disaster Preparedness supplies, we also offer  Mainstay Food & Water RationsCanned Emergency Drinking WaterEmergency Food KitsEmergency Water FiltersOutdoor Stoves & Camping SuppliesEmergency LightingPRI Fuel TreatmentsGarden Preparedness SeedsThermoelectric GeneratorsEmergency & Alternative Power Sources, and many other products handy to have on hand in the event of an emergency situation or natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, flood, tornado, ice or snow storm, power loss). is your one-stop source and trusted supplier for emergency food and preparedness supplies. We have a large selection and variety of emergency and survival products at very competitive prices, and it is our goal to bring you the best prices and the best customer service experience possible.

If you're a first-time visitor, welcome! If you're one of our many returning customers, we're glad to see you again! We value your business and always look forward to serving you!

Please Note: Some of our pages are quite long with an extensive list of products. Please scroll down each page to view all of our products.


Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Emergency Foods

Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food - 25+ Year Shelf Life Mountain House Emergency Food Kits Mountain House Pouches - 10+ Year Shelf Life Mountain House Military Pouches - 10+ Year Shelf Life Wise Company Emergency Food - Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Gourment Reserves Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Food

  • 25% OFF Gourmet Reserves - CLOSEOUT (while supplies last)
  • 20% OFF All Wise Company Foods in stock - CLOSEOUT (while supplies last)

We are an authorized dealer and distributor of  Mountain House - Wise Company - Gourmet Reserves/KNA Foods. Freeze dried foods are perfect for Emergencies, Long Term Food Storage, Camping, Hunting, Hiking, and Backpacking. To view our selection of Freeze Dried and Dehydrated foods, please follow the link.

MRE Meals Ready to Eat

Sopakco Sure-pak MRE case Ameriqual aPack Ready Meals MREStar Full Meals - Emergency Food
MRE tray packs MRE Side dish MRE Fudge Brownie Bridgeford Wheat MRE Bread

Visit our ON SALE page to see all MRE sale prices!

To view our entire selection of MREs - Military MRE Meals Ready to Eat Full Meal Cases, individual MRE components, and other shelf stable ready to eat items, please follow the link.

Camp Stoves & Outdoor Cooking

Kelly Kettle FireBox Folding Stove with Stainless Steel Olicamp Cup SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove SilverFire Hunter SilverFire Super Dragon QuickStove Cube Stove with Fuel Disc

We have a variety of outdoor stoves to fit your needs: Kelly Kettles - SilverFire Stoves - FireBox Folding Stove - QuickStove Cube. Use alternative fuels such as sticks, Pine cones, Birch bark, dry grass, etc. These portable outdoor camping stoves can boil water in as little as 3-5 minutes for tea, coffee, rehydrating food, bathing, cooking, etc.

Simple to use and inexpensive accessories are also available! Camping Equipment Supplies for Wilderness Survival, Emergency Preparedness or Disaster Kits. Follow the link for more details: Emergency Cooking Accessories, Outdoor Camping Supplies

Emergency Kits

Basic MRE Food and Water Tote Kit Emergency Kits Mainstay Emergency Food Ration Bars Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water Packets

We offer MRE Food & Water Tote Kits, Emergency Support Kits, Mainstay Food & Water Rations, and more. Follow the link for more details: 72-Hour Kits.

Emergency Water Filters & Drinking Water

Basic MRE Food and Water Tote Kit X-Pack Water Filter Frontier Water Filter Aquamira Water Purification Treatment Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water Packets Canned Purified Emergency Drinking Water - 30 Year Shelf Life

Emergency Water Filters & Water Purification Treatment from top-rated manufacturers like Katadyn, Aquamira, HTI, and Potable Aqua. Emergency Drinking Water also available! Follow the link for more details: Water Filters - Water Treatment - Emergency Drinking Water.

Potassium Iodide

Potassium Iodide - 32.5 mg - 90 Capsules per BottlePotassium Iodide OVERSTOCK! ON SALE NOW! (32.5 mg - 90 Capsules per Bottle)

USB Thermoelectric Generators

FireBox Stove in use with fire powered Cup Charger - Hatsuden Nabe FireBox stove in use with fire powered pan charger - Hatsuden Nabe

USB Thermoelectric Generators (the Hatsuden Nabe Cup Charger CC-5 and Pan Charger HC-5) shown above are in use with the FireBox Stove as the heat source. Several other thermoelectric generator models like the PowerPot are also available.

Preparedness Seeds

Survival Garden Preparedness Seeds - Homesteading Garden Seeds

  • Garden Prep Seeds
  • Culinary Herbs Seeds
  • Salsa Garden Seeds
  • Fruits N Such Seeds
  • Medicinal Herbs Seeds
  • Ancient Grains

For your survival garden plans, see our selection of Non Hybrid, Non GMO, Heirloom Preparedness Seeds in #10 cans for long term storage.

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