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MREs - Meals Ready to Eat - Military Meals
MRE Individual Components - MRE Heaters & Other Accessories
Emergency Survival Food and Water Rations

We carry the best selection of MREs from top USA Manufacturers! Sopakco, AmeriQual, MREStar, Bridgford Foods, Thermo-Pac, Sterling Foods, Pangea World Bakers, Survivor Industries, and more.

  • Full Meal MRE Meal Cases (Sopakco SurePak, AmeriQual A-Pack, MREStar)
  • MRE Tray Packs
  • MRE Entrees & Side Dishes
  • MRE First Strike Sandwiches & Bread
  • MRE Snacks, Crackers & Spreads
  • MRE Hot Sauce
  • MRE Heaters, Coffee, Toilet Paper & Other Accessories
  • Other Ready to Eat Items

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MRE Full Meal Cases
Discounts for large MRE Case orders
Call us for a quote

Q. What's the difference between each of the above manufacturer's full meal cases?

A. We've got your answer! Click on the PDF link below.

PDF file available for this itemMRE Full Case Component Comparison Chart

Q. How are MRE's heated?

A. MRE Flameless Ration Heaters are the most popular method of heating MRE's. However, MREs are "ready to eat" and can be eaten cold, although a hot entree or side dish may be more appealing!  Click on the PDF link below for other heating methods.

PDF file available for this itemMRE Heating Methods

SOPAKCO Full Meal Cases

The SurePak MRE meal case by Sopakco was designed to meet the needs of the end user who requires a top-of-the-line, fully configured meal case. Each case contains 12 complete meals. These are factory-packed cases; there are typically six different menus, with two of each menu in each case unless otherwise specified.

Sopakco brand MRE Meal package contentsEach SurePak case contains the following in each meal:

  • MRE Entree
  • MRE Side Dish (Applesauce, Noodles, Rice, Mashed Potatoes, or other)
  • MRE Dessert (Pound Cake, other)
  • Beverage Powder
  • MRE Cracker Pack or Wheat Snack Bread)
  • MRE Cracker Spread
  • Condiment Pack: Coffee, creamer, sugar, salt, napkin, wet napkin, spoon

We offer discounts for large MRE Case orders (12+ cases).  Full pallets contain 48 cases. Please call us for a quote!

PDF file available for this itemSure-Pak 12 Specification Sheet

TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT - Full Case WITH factory packed heaters (Sopakco Sure-Pak, 12 meals).  Price $79.00

TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT - Full Case WITHOUT factory packed heaters (Sopakco Sure-Pak, 12 meals).  Price $72.00

AmeriQual aPack Ready Meal Cases

Ameriqual aPackA-Pack MRE Ready Meal Cases WITH Heaters

The Ameriqual aPack™ MRE case offers a totally unique menu while still offering high calorie count.  Typical calorie count ranges from 1050-1070 calories per meal. These are LOW SODIUM meals.

Each aPack™ case contains twelve (12) MRE meals (2 each of 6 different meals), and each meal contains the following components:

  • MRE Entree
  • Fig Bar
  • Crackers
  • Raisins
  • Fruit Flavored Candies
  • Peppermint Flavored Mints
  • Seasoning Packet
  • Pepper
  • Spork
  • Towelette
  • MRE Flameless Ration Heater
  • Salt water packet to activate heater
PDF file available for this itemAmeriqual aPack Specification Sheet

Our current cases contain the following reduced sodium menu entrees (Pack Date: April 2013):

  • Homestyle Chicken with Nooodles & Vegetables
  • Southwestern Style Chicken with Black Beans & Rice
  • Beef Stew
  • Pasta with Garden Vegetables in Tomato Sauce
  • Spaghetti with Italian Style Meat Sauce
  • Chicken Tetrazzini
AmeriQual aPack™ Ready Meals WITH factory packed heaters (12 Low Sodium Meals).  Price $69.95 New Item!

Or, get a 1/2 case of aPacks to try!

HALF CASE aPack™ Ready Meals WITH factory packed heaters (6 Low Sodium Meals).  Price $36.00 New Item!

MRESTAR Full Meal Cases

MRESTAR Brand - Full Meal Ready to Eat Meal Cases

MREStar Full Meal Cases WITHOUT heaters.

MRE STAR is a certified supplier of emergency rations for the DoD/DLA, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia. These MREs are manufactured in the U.S.A. and their plants are USDA/FSIS and FDA approved.

MRE Star Brand - MRE meal contentsThese meals don't have the traditional side dish you expect. However, they do have three snack items per meal. These snacks may include: Nut Raisin Mix, Dried Fruit (Mango, Banana, Papaya, Pineapple), Sugar cookies, Hign Energy bar, Crackers or Tortillas.

Several of these entrees are not found in any other case or by any other manufacturer! How cool is that?

MREStar Meal contents:

  • 12 MRE Meals in each case
  • Main Entree (6 varieties, 2 of each meal pouch in every case)
  • Three individual snack items (Nut Raisin Mix, Dried Fruit (Mango, Banana, Papaya, Pineapple), Sugar cookies, Hign Energy bar, Crackers or Tortillas)
  • Drink Mix
  • Accessory Pack (spoon, coffee, sugar, creamer, salt, pepper, napkin, moist towel)
  • No factory-packed heaters are included with these factory-packed meals

MRESTAR - "REGULAR" Menu (No Heaters)

Entrees included in the REGULAR menu pack of 12 meals (Pack Date: April 2014):

  • BBQ Chicken w/ Black Beans & Potatoes
  • Cheese Tortellini w/ Marinara Sauce
  • Chicken Noodle Stew
  • Pasta Marinara w/ Veggie Crumbles
  • Pinto Bean Stew w/ Ham
  • Vegetarian Chili w/ Beans
MRE Star™ REGULAR MENU (Full Case, NO Heaters)Price $70.95
OPTION - Add 12 MRE Heaters.  Price $11.00

MRESTAR - "VEGETARIAN" Menu (No Heaters)

This is a special VEGETARIAN case made specifically for TheEpicenter!

This case has 12 meals, but contains only three (3) kinds of entrees.
T there are four (4) of each of the meals below (Pack Date: May 2014):

  • Cheese Tortellini (x4)
  • Pasta Marinara with Veggie Crumbles (x4)
  • Vegetarian Chili with Beans(x4)
MRE Star™ VEGETARIAN MENU (Full Case, NO Heaters)Price $70.95
OPTION - Add 12 MRE Heaters.  Price $11.00

MRESTAR "HALF CASE" - 6 Meals (No Heaters)

We also offer MREStar Meals by the 1/2-Case (6 full meals).

  • This option contains both Meat and Vegetarian Meals.
  • Sorry, no entree selection is available for this option.
MRE Star™ HALF Case (6 meals - NO heaters).  Price $35.50


EverSafe Meal Kit CasesEverSafe™ Meal Kit CasesNew Item!

EverSafe Meal Kits are manufactured by The Wornick Company, who meets military specifications of the MRE industry.

EverSafe meal pouches contain Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) food. This is normal food! The food is pre-cooked, put into retort packaging (the "pouch") and the pouch is sealed. The pouch and the food it contains are then heated for sterilization purposes. Since the pouch is sealed, the food stays fresh for a long time. Since the food and pouch is sterilized by heat in a sealed container, bacteria cannot get in and spoil it. Think of retort packaging as a flexible can. The food tastes no different from canned chili or beef stew, or any meal ready to eat.

The manufacturer indicates a stated shelf life of 36 months from pack date for EverSafe Meal Kits when stored at at 80°F. Shelf life depends on storage conditions! The shelf life of these MREs can be extended when stored in cooler temperatures.

EverSafe Meal Kit Cases include 12 complete high quality meals. Each meal kit has an average of 1,000 to 1,250 calories per meal, and includes the following:

  • Entree (typically 6 varieties, 2 of each in every case for a total of 12)
  • Cracker/Bread (i.e., snack bread, regular crackers, vegetable crackers)
  • Snack/Spread (i.e. pound cake, cookie, M&Ms, candy, applesauce, peanut butter, raisins)
  • Beverage Mix (i.e., drink mix, cappucino, or dairy shake)
  • Accessory Pack (Spoon, salt, pepper, napkin)
  • Heater pouch
  • Nutritional Menu Insert

PDF file available for this itemEverSafe Specification Sheet

These EverSafe cases were packed on the 268th day of 2013 (Lot #3268) and contain the following menu selection (2 of each, for a total of 12 meals):

  • Asian Style Beef Strips w/ Vegetables
  • Beef Pot Roast w/ Vegetables in Gravy
  • Grilled Beef Patty, Jalapeno Pepper Jack
  • Mexican Style Chicken Stew
  • Penne w/ Vegetable Sausage Crumbles in Spicy Tomato Sauce
  • Southwest Style Beef & Black Beans w/ Sauce
EVERSAFE™ Meal Kit Case (12 meals WITH Heaters).  Introductory Price $60.00

Half case of Eversafe MREsEverSafe™ Meal Kit HALF CasesNew Item!

We also offer EverSafe Meal Kits in 1/2 cases — You will get 6 different full meals. No duplications!

EVERSAFE™ Half Case (6 meals WITH Heaters).  Introductory Price $32.00

Humanitarian Daily Ration Meals (HDRs)

Humanitarian Daily Ration HDR Full CasesHDR Meals

We just received about 100 cases of real HDR (Humanitarian Daily Rations) full meal cases. These were shipped to us directly from the manufacturer (AmeriQual).

HDRs are similar to MREs but are intended to feed refugees who are often malnourished and in need of lots of calories. These HDR cases have ten (10) meals in each case, and each meal contains about 2200 calories.

HDRs contain no animal products., and each meal has enough calories for an entire day.

Each meal pack contains two (2) entrees in each meal pack, plus bread and snack items. Most meals have peanut butter and jam. The exact mix of items is a bit complicated. Each full case has a total of ten (10) meals, with each meal pack containing two each of five different menus. Note: There are three variations of each menu possible.

Entrees may include:

  • Bean Salad
  • Brown & Wild Rice w/ Lentils
  • Barley Stew
  • Lentil Stew
  • Beans & Rice in Tomato Sauce
  • Herb Rice
  • Rice w/ Beans
  • Red Beans & Rice
  • Yellow Rice
  • Lentils & Vegetables
  • Rice & Vegetables in Sauce
  • Herb Rice
  • Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Breads and snacks may include:

  • Crackers
  • Flat Bread
  • Vegetable Biscuits
  • Biscuit
  • Vegetable Crackers
  • Apple Fruit Bar Raisins
  • Fruit Bar
  • Shortbread Cookies
  • Fruit Pastry

HDR TTITemperature Time Indicator These HDRs are older than we would normally offer, however we got a great deal and are passing on the savings to you! Although these meals were made in November 2009, these have a TTI (Temperature Time Indicator) on each box which shows they still have life left to them. NOTE: A TTI has an outer reference ring and an inner circle. The inner circle darkens with time, and darkens more quickly as the temperature increases. The quality of food is dependent on the time and temperature of storage — so the darker the circle, the less fresh the food.

These meals are quite substantial. A full case (10 meals) weighs 25 lbs!

HDR Full Case - 10 Meal Rations (2009 production).  Price $35.00 New Item!
Each meal in this full case is loaded with life sustaining calories...only $3.50 per meal!

HDR Single Ration (2009 production).  Price $5.00New Item!
One individual HDR unit (random selection only; no specific meal number requests please)

MRE Tray Packs

MRE tray packsMRE Tray Packs

Need to feed an Army?
Limited supply of MRE's packaged in large poly trays

These tray packs serve from 9-18 people each depending on suggested serving size.
Each Tray Pack weighs nearly 6 pounds! A massive amount of food for the price.

Production dates are listed by each item below. Stated shelf life is 3 years.

Here is a tip: We have a customer who doesn't like to cook. He takes these poly trays and vacuum packs them into smaller portions for his freezer. He then defrosts only what he needs for a quick dinner.

Breakfast Trays:

MRE Tray Pack, Pork Link Sausage (2011 production).  Price $11.95  ON SALE!   Price $9.95
Yum. Yum! Yumm!!
MRE Tray Pack, Pork Sausage with Creamy Gravy (2012 production).  Price $12.95  ON SALE!   Price $9.95
Loaded with REAL sausage bit and lots of flavor. The gravy is a little runny and not your typical "biscuits & gravy" but more like a sauce. Would be great served on noodles or mashed potatoes!

Beef / Chicken / Pork Trays:

MRE Tray Pack, Creamy Gravy with Beef and Potatoes (2012 production).  Price $12.95  ON SALE!   Price $9.95

Non Meat Trays:

MRE Tray Pack, Sante Fe Rice and Beans (2011 production).  Price $11.95  ON SALE!   Price $9.95

Side Dish Trays:

MRE Tray Pack, Glazed Carrots (2010 production).  Price $6.95  ON SALE!   Price $4.95
MRE Tray Pack, Corn and Tomato Casserole (2012 production).  Price $6.95  ON SALE!   Price $4.95
This tastes better than it sounds. We like to serve it with Tortilla Chips.

MRE Entrees / MRE Side Dishes

MRE Entrees by Sopakco, AmeriQual MRE-Star and othersMRE Entrees and Side Dishes

We have marked some of the best ones with "high-and extra-high" ratings only. These are ones that TheEpicenter.com's staff think are real standouts! The ones with these ratings will surprise and excite your taste buds and have been personally rated by our crew! You will also find comments from our family, friends and even customers for other stand-outs.

Some items have no comments at all. It's not that they don't have any comments because they "suck" but rather there is not anything special to say. Take Meat loaf as an example: "It's not as good as my Mother made, but it's not bad -- better if warm." If our customers would like comments for all items listed, please note that in the comments section on your order. If enough customers think we should include comments for all the entrees and sides we offer, we would be happy to expand our rating system. For now, we only have comments for the real stand outs on the list.

Also: People might ask why we have some items marked as "New Item" even though the production date has age on the clock. If an item is marked "New Item," it's new to us or is back in stock after being unavailable for an extended period of time. We strive to have the largest selection of items out there. From time to time one of the factories, other suppliers, or Epicenter itself runs across something that has been lost in a warehouse. All of a sudden, something may be available again that our regular return customers have not been able to get from us for some time.

PDF file available for this itemMRE Entree and Side Dish Allergen Info
PDF file available for this itemMRE Entree Nutrition Info Sheet
PDF file available for this itemMRE Side Dish Nutrition Info Sheet

MRE Individual Entrees (Single-Serving)

Breakfast MRE Entrees

Apple Maple Oatmeal (2013 production).  Price $2.50
Maple Pork Sausage Patty (2013 production). Price $2.50
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Janet Says:   "I give it a 10! The extra juices would be great over hash browns too!"
Bryan Says:   "Off the chart great!"
Sausage with Cream Pepper Gravy (2014 production). Price $2.50
Great over the top of an MRE Sandwich Bread or Snack Breads.
Hash Browns with Bacon (2011 production).   Price $1.59   ON SALE!   Price $1.39
YUM, YUM, YUM!  High rating!
The Hash Browns are actually a side dish, but we listed it here also since it is a breakfast item and goes so well with the Omelet and Pork Patty. Real hash browns with bacon!
John Says:   "Good, good, good. This is really good!"

Beef MRE Entrees

Asian Style Beef Strips with Vegetables and Sauce (2014 production).  Price $2.50 New Item!
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Please note: The oyster sauce in this entree contains oyster sauce as a component.
See our YouTube review on this awesome entree!
Beef Brisket (2012 production).  Price $2.35
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Janet Says:  "This dish is even better than the traditional Beef Stew -- a generous serving of deliciously tender sliced beef with lots of yummy gravy!"
Beef in BBQ Sauce (Sloppy Joe filling) (2012 production).  Price $2.35
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
Beef Patty, Grilled Jalapeno Pepper Jack Flavored (2013 production).  Price $2.50
Beef Patty seasoned with red bell peppers, Monterey Jack, Cheddar and Blue Cheese (oh my)! This is a HOT one.
Beef Pot Roast (2014 production).  Price $2.50
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Janet Says:  "This dish is even better than the traditional Beef Stew -- a generous serving of deliciously tender sliced beef with lots of yummy gravy!"
Beef Stew (/2014 production).  Price $2.50
The classic Ameriqual version!
Beef Taco Filling (2013 production).  Price $2.50 
One of our favorites!
Chili w/ Beans (2010 production). Price $2.35 ea  ON SALE!   Price $1.95
Meatballs with Marinara Sauce (2014 production).   Price $2.50
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
Bryan Says:   "The meatballs are great, like the ones in Italian Wedding Soup. Very good sauce too."
Shredded BBQ Beef (2014 production).  Price $2.50 New Item!
Southwest Style Beef & Black Beans with Sauce (2013 production).  Price $2.50
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Bryan Says:   "This is a winner. Thick sauce, corn, beans, big chunks of meat. Mild chili flavor."
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (2011 production).  Price $2.35

Reduced Sodium MRE Entrees

Low Sodium Chili Mac (2012 production).  Price $2.35
Low Sodium Penne Pasta (2012 production).  Price $2.35
Low Sodium Vegetable Lasagna (2012 production).  Price $2.35
Low Sodium Beef Ravioli (2013 production).  Price $2.50
Low Sodium Cheese Tortellini (2013 production).  Price $2.50
Low Sodium Spaghetti (2013 production).  Price $2.50
Saucier than the regular MRE Spaghetti. This one gets good ratings!

Poultry (Chicken / Turkey) MRE Entrees

Chicken Breast (2014 production).  Price $2.50
Just chicken breast meat. No sauce in this one.
Chicken Fajita (2013 production).  Price $2.50New Item!
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
Chicken Noodles (2014 production).  Price $2.50
This one is popular with most folks!
Chicken Pesto Pasta (2014 production).  Price $2.50 New Item!
To Die for! Extra High rating!
UNBOXED. The ingredients and nutrition info is printed on the pouch.
Janet Says:  "El - Yummo. I've been known to even eat this cold. A little oily when served cold - but very tasty! Excellent when heated!"
Chicken with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese (2014 production).   Price $2.50
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Janet Says:   "One word to describe this entree: SUPERB! Oven-roasted chicken breast with rib meat smothered in a wonderful tomato sauce with crumbled Feta. One of the best entrees ever. All time favorite. "
Garlic and Herb Chicken (2013 production).  Price $2.50
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Mexican Style Chicken Stew (2011 production). Price $2.35
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
Bryan Says:   "This is mild and very good, but has lots of sauce. Plan to put it on top of a side dish that tends to be dry, like rice. Might also work with cornbread stuffing."

Pork MRE Entrees

Pork Ribs  (2014 production).  Price $2.50 New Item!
To Die for! Extra High rating! For people who are fans of the McRib, it's like that but without the BBQ sauce. Very hard to find, and the military guys love it.
Bryan Says:  "The portion is kind of small, so be sure to order twice as much as you might for other entrees. This is also great mixed in with the Mexican Mac-n-Cheese side dish below."

Vegetarian MRE Entrees

Ratatouille (2012 production).   Price $2.35New Item!
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Mixed Vegetables and Penne Pasta in Tomato Sauce. NOTE: This entree is packaged in a "sleeve" style container.
Bryan Says:  "We had a customer like this so much last year, he had his church group buy several thousand of this one entree, and I agree. This is great!."
Vegetarian Taco Pasta (2013 production).   Price $2.50 New Item!
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
This sounds weirder than it really is. It is simply just like chili without the meat. It's pretty good!

aPack Single Entrees without BoxSpecial "UNBOXED" aPack Entrees

These specially-priced entrees are available as individual units. We are also offering additional discounts when you buy the 5-Pack entree-only mixed kit package!

APack Entree - Homestyle Chicken Noodle (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!
APack Entree - Macaroni & Beef (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!
APack Entree - SW Chicken w/ Black Beans & Rice (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!
APack Entree - Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!
APack Entree - Vegetable Stew w/ Beef (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!

Or, buy all five of the specially-priced unboxed entrees packaged together for additional savings:

APack Entree 5-PACK (No Outer Boxes) (2012 production dates).  Price $7.50  ($1.50 per entree)New Item!
This discounted entree-only kit includes one each of the following: Homestyle Chicken w/ Noodles & Vegetables, Macaroni & Beef, Southwestern Chicken w/ Black Beans & Rice, Spaghetti w/ Italian Meat Sauce, and Vegetable Stew w/ Beef.
Buy 5 or more of these 5-pack units and the price goes down to $7.00 per 5-pack ($1.40 per entree)

MRE Entree case, Sopakco, Ameriqual and MRE-star brandsMix'Em Up Case of 68 Entrees

With the Mix'Em Up case, we pack a massive variety of MRE entrees in one box of 68 at a great discount.

This case pack includes 2009-2014 production date entrees.

  • A total of 68 entrees to a case.
  • A variety of 20 kinds of different entrees!
  • We do the work, you store the goods.
  • Sorry, we select the menus and pack the cases in advance, so no special requests allowed on this deal -- but you save cash and get a great variety of entrees for one low price.
  • Just entrees, nothing else.

Current list of Entrees packed in these cases:

  • 3 - BBQ Pork Rib (2012)
  • 3 - Bean Salad, HDR (2009)
  • 4 - Beef Pot Roast (2014)
  • 3 - Beef Ravioli, Low Sodium (2013)
  • 4 - Beef Taco Filling (2013)
  • 3 - Cheese Tortellini, Low Sodium (2013)
  • 4 - Chicken Breast (2014)
  • 3 - Chicken Noodles (2014)
  • 4 - Chili w/ Beans (2010)
  • 3 - Chili Mac, Low Sodium (2012)
  • 3 - Jalapeno Beef Patty, Grilled (2013)
  • 3 - Meatballs w/ Marinara Sauce (2014)
  • 3 - Peas & Pasta, HDR (2009)
  • 3 - Penne Pasta, Low Sodium (2012)
  • 4 - Sausage w/ Cream Pepper Gravy (2014)
  • 4 - Shredded Beef BBQ (2014)
  • 3 - Sloppy Joe Filling (2011)
  • 4 - Southwest Beef & Bean (2013)
  • 3 - Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce, Low Sodium (2013)
  • 4 - Vegetarian Taco Pasta (2013)
The Mix 'Em Up Special MRE Entree Case (68 assorted entrees only, nothing else). Price $135.00
(Shipping weight is 38.5 pounds)

MRE Individual Side Dishes (Single-Serving)

Au Gratin Potatoes (2014 production).  Price $1.59 New Item!
UNBOXED. The ingredients and nutrition info is printed on the pouch.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (2014 production).  Price $1.59 New Item!
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
UNBOXED. The ingredients and nutrition info is printed on the pouch.
Hash Browns with Bacon (2011 production). Price $1.59   ON SALE!   Price $1.39
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
Mango Peach Applesauce (2011 production). Price $1.59   ON SALE!   Price $1.39
Mexican Corn (2010 production).    Price $1.59   ON SALE!   Price $1.29
Mexican Mac-n-Cheese (2010 production). Price $1.59   ON SALE!   Price $1.29
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
John says:  "Most Outstanding! For fans of the Jalapeno MRE Cheese."
Bryan says:  "Goes great with the Pork Rib entrees."
Mixed Fruit (2014 production).   Price $1.59 New Item!
UNBOXED. The ingredients and nutrition info is printed on the pouch.
Refried BLACK Beans (2009 production).   Price $1.59   ON SALE!   Price $1.29
Refried PINTO Beans with green chilies (2010 production).   Price $1.59   ON SALE!   Price $1.29
Santa Fe Rice (2011 production).     Price $1.59   ON SALE!   Price $1.29

MRE Sandwiches / Bread

MRE Sanwich packageMRE Sandwiches

These sandwiches are used in the new U.S. First Strike Rations (FSRs)!

The First Strike Ration (FSR) is a compact, eat-on-the move ration concept from the United States Army, designed to be consumed during the first 72 hours of conflict, created by the United States Army Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts.MRE Sanwich

These FSR / MRE Sandwiches by Bridgford Foods are packaged like MRE Pound cakme or MRE bread, require no refrigeration, and have a 3 year shelf life at 80 degrees.

They can be eaten cold, but we discovered that they fit inside an MRE Heater! So you can even have a hot sandwich if you purchase heaters separately.

On average, Bridgford Ready to Eat Sandwiches provide 300 calories per sandwich.

PDF file available for this itemMRE Sandwich Summary and Nutritional Info

Epicenter MRE Sandwich taste testing results:

We did some taste testing of our own, and heated each sandwich with an MRE Heater.

Three of us tried each sandwich and we rated them on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the highest), and took the average:

  • Italian Style Sandwich
    Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, and Mozzarella cheese with Tomato Sauceinside bread.
    This was our number one pick. Just great! Crazy good.
    Average 8.3 rating.
  • Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich
    Good amount of Chicken, right amount of sauce. BBQ sauce is like any good quality, national name brand.
    Average 7.3 rating.
  • Honey BBQ Beef Sandwich
    Lower rating than Chicken because we thought it could use a bit more sauce.
    Average 6.6 rating.
  • Bacon Cheddar Sandwich
    Good amount of bacon. The bread has a texture making it more like a hot pocket. Two of us liked the texture, one of us did not. We would like to have the bacon spread out more evenly, and have the cheese inside with the bacon in addition to being mixed in the bread. But pretty darn good. When we asked the manufacturer what was different about the bread in this sandwich, we received this response: "You are correct. The bread formulation in the Bacon Cheddar is different. There are Cheddar flakes in the Bacon Cheddar and there is a butter flavor to compliment these cheddar flakes. Also the other breads are a little different in pH level to keep them stable."
    Also, slightly more expensive than the other sandwiches.
    Average 6.0 rating.
Italian Style MRE Sandwich .  Price $3.35  (12 or more, $3.25 each)
made on the 130th day of 2012
BBQ Chicken MRE Sandwich.  Price $3.35  (12 or more, $3.25 each) back in stock
made on the 27th of October 2014
BBQ Beef MRE Sandwich.  Price $3.35  (12 or more, $3.25 each)
made on the 152nd day of 2012
Bacon Cheddar MRE Sandwich.  Price $3.55  (12 or more, $3.49 each)
made on the 256th day of 2013

Bridgeford Wheat MRE BreadBridgford MRE BreadMRE Sandwich Bread

This is the MRE Bread, made by Bridgford Foods, which is used to make the MRE sandwiches above.

MRE White Bread Only (Best by April 2017).   Price $1.79 ( 12 or more, $1.69 each)
MRE Whole Wheat Bread Only (Best by September 2017).   Price $1.79 (12 or more, $1.69 each)

MRE Snacks
MRE Crackers - Cookies - Pound Cakes - and more

First Strike Caffeinated Cinnamon GumFirst Strike "Stay Alert" Cinnamon Gum

  • Sold in 12 packs, 5 Pieces per package
  • 100mg of caffeine in each piece
  • Each piece is about equal to a cup of coffee
First Srike Caffeinated Cinnamon Gum (2012) (12-pack). Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)

Assorted MRE First Strike barsFirst Strike Energy Bars

  • We have taste tested these and we LOVED them! High rating!
  • Available in 12-packs only.
First Strike MINI Bars - Apple Cinnamon, Cran Raspberry, Mocha (2011/2012) (12-pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)

MRE Pound cakeMRE Pound Cakes & Snack Bread

  • These are our best-selling snacks -- all have a High Rating
  • Sold in 12-packs only
MRE Chocolate Banana Nut Muffin Top (2012) (12-pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)Back In Stock!
MRE Maple Muffin Top (2013) (12-pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)Back In Stock!
MRE Spice Pound Cake (2013) (12 pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)Back In Stock!
MRE White Snack Bread (2012) (12 pack).  Price $10.68 ($0.89 ea)

MRE BrowniesMRE Brownies

  • From the same company who produces the MRE Pound Cakes!
  • One of our most popular MRE snacks.
  • Sold in 12-packs only
MRE Brownie (2014) (12 pack).  Price $14.28 ($1.19 ea)Back In Stock!

MRE Italian BreadsticksMRE Italian Breadsticks

  • 2013 Production Date (Made on the 60th day of 2013)
  • Manufactured by Sterling Foods
  • Sold in 12-packs only
MRE Italian Breadsticks (12-pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)

MRE Hamburger BunsMRE Hamburger Buns

  • Shelf Stable
  • 6 hamburger buns per package
  • Manufactured by Sterling Foods
MRE Hamburger Buns (2014).  Price $4.75Back In Stock!

Bridgford Cherry TurnoverMRE Turnovers

  • Manufactured by Bridgford Foods (also the manufacturer of the MRE Sandwiches & MRE Sandwich Breads)
  • Sold in single units, with a discount when purchasing 12 or more.
  • EXTRA High Rating. These are SOOO yummy!
MRE Cherry Turnovers (Best by July 2017).  Price $2.69 each (Buy 12 or more, $2.54 ea)
MRE Blueberry Turnovers (Best by January 2017).  Price $2.69 each (Buy 12 or more, $2.54 ea)

MRE Cinnamon BunsMRE Cinnamon Buns

These Cinnamon Buns, manufactured by Bridgford Foods, are being used in the First Strike Rations (FSR).

  • 2014 production date (October 9, 2014)
  • 330 calories per unit
  • Sold in single units, with a discount when purchasing 12 or more
MRE Cinnamon BunsPrice $2.49 each (Buy 12 or more, $2.36 ea)Back In Stock!

MRE nut rasin mixMRE Nut Raisin Mix

  • 2014 Production Date
  • A health mix of Peanuts, Raisins, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds and Almonds
  • 350 calories per pouch for lots of energy
  • Available in 12-packs only
MRE Nut Raisin Mix (12-pack). Price $9.00  ($0.75 ea)

MRE Dried FruitMRE Dried Fruit Mix

  • SUPER FRESH -- September 2014 Production Date
  • A tasty mix of Banana, Papayas, and Pineapple
  • Sold in 12-packs only
MRE Dried Fruit Snack Mix (12-pack).  Price $9.00 ($0.75 ea)Back In Stock!

MRE Ranger BarsMRE Ranger Bars

  • Sold in 12-packs only.
MRE Cran-Apple Ranger Bar (2011) (12-pack). Price $10.68 ($0.89 ea)   ON SALE!   Price $8.28  ($0.69 ea)
MRE Mocha Dessert Bar (2012) (12-pack).  Price $13.08 ($1.09 ea)

MRE Vegetable CrackersMRE Crackers

  • Two crackers per serving (24 crackers total).
  • Sold in 12-packs.
  • Super Fresh!
    • Regular crackers were packed on the 259th day of 2014.
    • Vegetable crackers were packed the 305th day of 2013.

Some people like the regular style, some people like the Vegetable style better. As the owner of TheEpicenter.com, I have always liked the Vegetable Crackers the most. Although not as salty as the regular crackers, the combination of flaked carrots, onions, red and green bell peppers mixed into the wheat flour give these crackers a fancy flavor like high end boxed party crackers.

MRE Vegetable Crackers (12 pack).  Price $8.28   ($0.69 each)
MRE Regular Crackers (12-pack).  Price $8.28   ($0.69 each

MRE Tortillas by AmeriQualMRE Whole Wheat Tortillas

  • MRE packaging for long shelf life.
  • Three-year shelf life at 80 degrees.
  • Two (2) Tortillas per package.
  • 140 calories per package.
  • Tortillas are folded in half, making a compact package.
  • Production date 210th day of 2013

...When using with MRE Entrees, we recommend one package of MRE Tortillas per entree (2 tortillas).

...When using with Mountain House Wrap filling, we recommend two packages of MRE Tortillas each per 16 oz Wrap pouch (4 tortillas total).

MRE Tortillas - 1 pkg (2 tortillas per package).  Price $1.39
MRE Tortillas - 12 pack (24 total tortillas).  Price $15.00  ($1.25 ea)

MRE and MCW CookiesMRE Cookies

Sold in 12-packs only.

MRE Oatmeal Cookies (2012) (12-pack). Price $10.68 ($0.89 ea)   ON SALE!   Price $8.28  ($0.69 ea)

Sqwincher Black Cherry Energy BurstSqwincher Black Cherry Electrolyte Chews w/ Caffeine

  • Naturally flavored and delicious!
  • Convenient for activy and busy lifestyles
  • Fortified with essential electrolytes
  • Consume with water to hydrate and energize
  • No salty after-taste
  • Black Cherry Chews contain 50mg of caffeine for added energy!
Black Cherry Chews (7 chews per package). Price $2.10

MRE Sauces & Spreads
MRE Cheese - Peanut Butter - Jam/Jelly - Hot Sauce - and more

MRE and HDR Peanut ButterMRE Peanut Butter

  • Fortified with Vitamin C, A, B6 and B1.
  • Sold in 12 packs only.
MRE Chocolate Peanut Butter (2014) (12 pack).   Price $10.68 ($0.89 ea)

MRE Regular Peanut Butter - OUT OF STOCK

MRE CheeseMRE Cheese Spreads

  • Goes great with crackers. Mixes great as a sauce for macaroni too!
  • Fortified with extra vitamins including C, A, B6 and B1.
  • Full size, 1.5 oz pouches!
  • Available in 12-packs only
MRE Regular Cheese Spread (2012) (12-pack).   Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)
MRE Jalapeno Cheese Spread (2014) (12 pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)

MRE BBQ sauceMRE Sauces

  • A great addition to add a little zip to an MRE entree or side dish.
  • Available in 12-packs only.
MRE Picante Sauce (12-pack). Price $6.60 CLOSEOUT!   Price $3.60  ($0.30 ea)

Single Serving Tabasco SauceGreen Tabasco!MRE Tabasco Sauce Mini Bottles

A true G.I. favorite!

  • The all-time favorite addition to any meal -- especially great on MRE entrees.
  • Packed in a super miniature 1/8-oz. glass bottle.
  • Makes a great party favor.
  • The Green (Jalapeno) is great on eggs!
MRE Regular Tabasco SaucePrice $0.79 ea
Or, get 12 of them for $0.69 each!
Get 100 of them for $0.59 each!

MRE Green Tabasco SaucePrice $0.79 ea
Or, get 12 of them for $0.69 each!
Get 100 of them for $0.59 each!

MRE hot sauce in pouchMRE Hot sauce in pouchTAPATIO Hot Sauce

Lower cost pouch style

The pouch is like you would find ketchup in at a fast food store. But don't be confused, this is HOT sauce and not some wimpy taco sauce!

Sold in 4 packs or 100 packs.

Tapatio Hot Sauce - 4 packPrice $1.00 ($0.25 each)
Tapatio Hot Sauce - 100 pack Price $18.00 ($0.18 each)

MRE Table SyrupMRE Table Syrup (Maple Flavored)

  • 1 oz package size
  • Packaged the 91st day of 2011
  • Available in 12-packs
MRE Table Syrup (12-pack).  Price $5.88 ($0.49 ea)

MRE Beverages & Drink Powders

MRE Strawberry Drink MixMRE Drink Mix

The following beverage bases are available in 12-packs only.

MRE Lemonade Beverage Base (12-pack).   Price $6.60 ($0.55 each)
MRE Lemon-Lime Beverage Base (12-pack).   Price $6.60 ($0.55 each)

Too New for PhotoMRE Carbo Electrolyte Drink Mix

MRE Orange Carbo Drink Mix (12-pack).   Price $8.28 ($0.69 each)
MRE Fruit Punch Carbo Drink Mix (12-pack) .  Price $8.28 ($0.69 each)

MRE freeze dried coffeeMRE Freeze Dried Coffee (pouch style)

The world famous Taster's Choice™ brand.
The coffee you often find in full meal MREs!

Available in Regular or Decaf!

  • A great addition for emergency supplies! If you are like us, we can't do anything without my morning coffee.
  • Each packet is a single serving. Just add water.
  • It's freeze dried, compact and light weight!
  • In our family, we call this "camping coffee," and always take the big and bulky jar along. But this single-serve pouch is really compact, and easy to find space for.
  • The red pouches are the Regular, and the green pouches are the Decaffeinated coffee.

Available in 10-pouch packs, or a full box of 80 for extra savings!

10 pack of REGULAR Freeze Dried Coffee ($0.49 ea).   Price $4.90
80 pack of REGULAR Freeze Dried Coffee ($0.39 ea).   Price $31.20

10 pack of DECAFFEINATED Freeze Dried Coffee ($0.49 ea).   Price $4.90
80 pack of DECAFFEINATED Freeze Dried Coffee ($0.39 ea)  Price $31.20

MRE style, Sugar-free Electrolyte Replacement Mix (Sqwincher QwikStiks)

Electrolite replacementsElectrolite replacementsMRE electrolyte drinks have been tough to find. Many of our Search & Rescue customers have asked for a similar product and now we have one to take its place. These Qwik Sticks are now even being used in MRE full meals like the Sopakco Sure-Pak 12 case.

These are the "Sqwincher" brand, in a unique package called the "Qwik Stik." Each stick is a self contained packet that can be added to a bottle of water to make an instant sports drink full of necessary electrolytes.

Take a standard 20-ounce bottle of water, add the contents of one of these sticks, shake, and you have just made a 20-ounce bottle of sports drink -- as good as any leading brand you have tried!

Sqwencher electrolite replacementHere is some additional info on this product:

  • Calories: 0, Sodium: 55 mg, Potassium: 45 mg
  • Ingredients common to both flavors: Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate, Salt, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sodium Citrate, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, Calcium Phosphate.

These QwikStik Sugar-Free Electrolyte Drink Mixes are available in many flavors!

And available in 10 packs of any flavor, 10 packs of mixed flavors, or 50 packs of a single flavors at additional discounts.
Intended to be added to your own 20-oz. bottle of water.

Packs of 10 QwikStiks ($0.50 ea):

Berry (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Cool Citrus (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Fruit Punch (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Grape (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Lemon-Lime (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Lemonade (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Orange (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Peach Tea (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Raspberry (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Strawberry Lemonade (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00
Assorted Mix (10 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $5.00

Packs of 50 QwikStiks ($0.40 ea):

Berry (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Cool Citrus (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Fruit Punch (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Grape (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Lemon-Lime (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Lemonade (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Orange (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Peach Tea (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Raspberry (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00
Strawberry Lemonade (50 pack, Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink Mix). Price $20.00

MRE Heaters & Accessories

MRE Long Handle brown spoonsMRE Spoons (Long Handle)

These are the ultra rare military MRE spoons, the ones our troops get in the field!
Sold in 12-packs, 50-packs, and 100-packs.

MRE Spoon (12 pack).  Price $3.48  ($0.29 each)
MRE Spoon (50 pack).  Price $12.50   ($0.25 each)
MRE Spoon (100 pack).  Price $23.00   ($0.23 each)


MRE Key in operationFor the guy (and gal!) who has everything, and who also loves MRE's!

Ever wanted to dispense your MRE onto a plate or have trouble getting to the last bit of sauce?
We have a solution. We call this an MRE Key.

It acts like a toothpaste tube squeezer, but is the right size for an MRE Entree. It can also be used for MRE side dishes and MRE cheese or peanut butter.

  • Made right here in Eugene, Oregon, exclusively for TheEpicenter.com!
  • Precision laser cut Stainless Steel construction.
  • Hole fits key chains or carabiners up to 8 mm.

MRE Key.  Price $7.95 ea

MRE Toilet paperMRE Toilet Paper

Actual MRE Toilet paper.

Sold in 12 packs, 50 packs or 100 packs.

Another great use for this MRE TP is for checking the oil in your car!
I keep several packets under my hood. When it's time to check the oil, I insert the dipstock into the end of the roll to wipe it, then take the oil measurement. Works great!

MRE Toilet Paper (12 pack).  Price $1.80  ($015 each)
MRE Toilet Paper (50 pack).  Price $6.50  ($0.13 each)
MRE Toilet Paper (100 pack).  Price $10.00  ($0.10 each)

New style MRE heaterMRE heater, chemical heaterMRE Flameless Ration Heaters

Chemical MRE heaters! These units will make your MREs piping hot in a few minutes using only a little water! But note that MREs don't require cooking. We are offering MRE heaters as an easy way to have an occasional hot meal during a disaster, and could also be used to heat your own food if packaged right.

The MRE heaters work like this:

  • You place your MRE entree (or anything else that is water tight and needs to be heated) into the bag, and pour water into the bag until the water reaches a mark on the bag.
  • Then hold the heater level so the chemicals soak up the water.
  • Prop the bag and MRE (or other items) up using a rock, and the heat is on!
  • After 10-15 minutes, the contents are piping hot!
Regular MRE Heaters (dozen pack).  Price $11.00/dozen

Over sized MRE heatersOver-Sized MRE Heaters

We also have a limited supply of clear, over-sized MRE heaters.
Shown on the left is an over-sized heater, and a normal one on the right for comparison.

These over-sized heaters are ideal for Hormel Completes or other similar consumer poly tray packed items. They are also great for heating MRE sandwiches or other large MRE items that normally don't fit inside a heater.

Oversized Heaters (dozen pack).  Price $9.00/dozen  (Nearly sold out)

MRE Hot Beverage Bag

For use with MRE Heaters.

Now anyone can make a hot beverage using a standard MRE Heater (sold separately), and the new Hot Beverage Bag developed for the military.

These 4.5" x 9" PET / Poly side weld, 3 mil bags are not your normal zipper lock style bag.
These are made to military specifications and have unique features including resistance to the high temperature MRE heaters develop!
They are designed to heat water for beverages but have many, many other uses!

It gets better, read on!

Anything you can put in the special high temperature bag can also be heated using an MRE heater.
Even if the item (once placed inside the beverage bag) can't fit in the MRE heater, it can be placed ON TOP of an activated heater.

When using the bag for beverages, you just fill the bag with the desired amount of water using the printed ounce marks, put the desired mix in (like instant coffee) seal it, place it inside the heater bag and activate the heater. After six minutes it's ready and really hot! These bags also have measuring marks for 6 oz, 8 oz, and 12 oz. with instructions.

Just read the instructions for the beverage you want to make, and determine how much water to use and fill the bag to the mark.

15 oz can of beans in MRE hot beverage bagHot dogs and buns in MRE hot beverage bagTake these hot examples of cool uses for MRE Hot Beverage Bags!

In addition to using these bags for making hot coffee, hot apple cider, or hot tea:

A whole can (15 oz) of pork and beans fit in these special bags. Although the combined package won't fit inside the MRE heater, it can be placed ON TOP of the MRE heater and lets the product spread across the surface of the heater for maximum heat transfer.

How about things that don't fit inside MRE heaters like Hot Dogs and Buns?

In this example, the buns don't need a lot of heat and don't need to be inside the heater. The Hot Dogs can be inside or on top of the heater, and the buns can be warmed with the excess heat.

We have discovered many other uses for these high temperature bags and are offering an emergency food and beverage heating kit as well. See more details below.

Buy more and save!

  • 12 pack: $0.22 each
  • 50 pack: $0.20 each
  • 100 pack: $0.16 each
Hot Beverage Bag (12 pack).   Price $2.64
Hot Beverage Bag (50 pack)Price $10.00
Hot Beverage Bag (100 pack).   Price $16.00

NOTE: The Hot Beverage Bags are intended to hold water for use in MRE beverages like coffee, but have many other uses. Use your imagination!
The Hot Beverage Bags do not produce heat and only provide a way to contain items.

Food Rations & Water Rations

Mainstay Brand Emergency Food Ration Bars

Mainstay 1200 calorie bar1200 Calorie Bar - One Day Emergency Food Ration

Mainstay 2400 calorie bar2400 Calorie Bar - Two Day Emergency Food Ration

Mainstay 3600 calorie bar3600 Calorie Bar - Three Day Emergency Food Ration

Mainstay™ is Kosher and it meets the dictates for Halal!

  • 5 year Shelf Life
  • Non-Thirst Provoking
  • Withstands Temperatures of -40° F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C)
  • Ready to Eat: Each package contains pre-measured 400 calorie portions (portions not individually packaged):
    • 1-Day Food Ration Bar = 1200 Calories = Three 400-calorie portions
    • 2-Day Food Ration Bar = 2400 Calories = Six 400-calorie portions
    • 3-Day Food Ration Bar = 3600 Calories = Nine 400-calorie portions
  • Individualized Portions eliminate the messy breaking-up that occurs with other bars
  • Allows for on-land emergency consumption in a high-stress active situation.
  • Contains no cholesterol or tropical oils.
  • Meets the US Coast Guard standards (160.046/23/0). It's new modern packaging even meets the stringent guidelines set by the Department of Defense (SOLAS 74/83).
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements.
  • Pleasant lemon flavor which appeals to everyone. Tastes like a Lemon Cookie Bar.
Mainstay 1200 Calorie Food Ration Bar.   Price $3.95 each
Case of 30 Mainstay 1200 Calorie Rations.  Price $109.50  ($3.65 ea.)

Mainstay 2400 Calorie Ration.  Price $4.95 each
Case of 20 Mainstay 2400 Calorie Rations.  Price $88.00 ($4.40 ea.)

Mainstay 3600 Calorie Food Ration Bar.  Price $6.95 each
Case of 20 Mainstay 3600 Calorie Rations.  Price $125.00 ($6.25 ea.)

Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water Ration Pouches

  • U.S. Coast Guard approved for 5-year storage
  • Purified by reverse osmosis
  • Meets/exceeds U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards
  • 4.225 fl.oz. flexible trilaminate foil pouches
  • No oxygen transfer (In other words, no chance of bacterial contamination)

Durable packaging withstands temperature extremes from -40° F to 210° F
The cases of 60 are easy to transport - just over 18 lbs. (8.17 kg) per case of 60 packets.

Please Note: A 12-pack of water ration pouches has a 3.6 lb ship weight; a full case of 60 pouches has an 18.2 lb ship weight.

Water Ration - 12 pack.  Price $4.20 ($0.35 ea)
Water Ration - Case of 60.  Price $18.00 ($0.30 ea)

30 year shelf life canned waterEmergency Purified Drinking Water


This water will survive severe conditions of extreme cold and intense heat for 30+ years!

The processing and purification used by the Military for decades has been improved, adding additional stages which eliminate all bacteria. These cans contain 24 ounces of water with a small amount of vacuum space which allows for expansion from freezing or excessive heat without bursting.

  • BPA free!
  • Processing of water is approved and used by US Government under MIL Spec W-15117.
  • Strong, structurally sound steel lithographed can. No paper labels to come off!
  • Cases stack extremely well, and will not crush under their own weight.
  • This water will survive severe conditions. The vacuum canning process allows water to expand in extreme cold and survive intense heat to 260 degrees.
  • Store at least 2 cans of water per person per day.
  • Product of USA.

12 cans (24 oz water each) to a case
Each case contains 2.25 gallons of water (288 ounces).
Weight 23 pounds.

Canned Emergency Drinking Water (Case of 12).  Price $31.92

Mountain House Military PouchesMountain House Freeze Dried Military Pouches

The manufacturer of Mountain House foods has recently received approval to produce several items made specifically for the U.S. Military. These unique freeze dried food products are packaged in large silver foil pouches, are shelf stable and, of course, are of superior quality.

  • 10 Year Shelf Life
  • Freeze Dried Food from the manufacture of Mountain House
  • Easy to prepare
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Packaged in Military Spec (MRE-style) Foil Laminate Packages
  • Great for personal food storage, prepping supplies, and camping or outdoor trips for large groups
  • Preparation instructions, nutritional info, and coding are all based on Military Spec
  • Pouch serving sizes:
    • Yogurts - 10 servings per pouch
    • Creamed Beef - 25 servings per pouch
    • Egg Mix - 25 servings per pouch (cooking required)
    • Sour Cream - 25 servings per pouch

The preparation instructions for these pouches are included with each pouch. Instructions are for preparation of entire pouch contents (no single serving preparation instructions; the bag does not have a zip-lock closure).

Blueberry YogurtMSRP $32.99  Our Price $29.69  ON SALE! $26.39
Peach YogurtMSRP $38.49  Our Price $34.64  ON SALE! $30.79
Strawberry YogurtMSRP $32.99  Our Price $29.69   ON SALE! $26.39
Egg Mix, UncookedMSRP $22.00  Our Price $20.69   ON SALE! $14.79
Light Sour CreamMSRP $38.99  Our Price $35.09   ON SALE! $32.79

MRE Shelf Life
(based on taste testing at U.S. Army's NATIC Research Laboratories)
Storage Temperature (Fahrenheit) 100 90 85 80 75 70 60
Storage Life in Months (and years) 22 Months
(1.8 years)
55 Months
(4.5 years)
60 Months
(5 years)
76 Months
(6.3 years)
88 Months
(7.3 years)
100 Months
(8.3 years)
130+ Months
(10.8+ years)
Notes about MRE shelf life:

We tell our customers to figure on a 5-year shelf life for MRE items at room temperature. But from the chart, you can see that the cooler you can keep your MREs, the better. If stored at room temperature (75 degrees on the high end), the taste testing indicates slightly over seven (7) years. If you can keep them cooler (like in a basement or like in our warehouse for example), the shelf life is over ten (10) years. Remember, the shelf life of MREs is based on taste testing, and not that the product goes bad and would be harmful to you."I've had 10-year old spaghetti that was in my own supplies and it was just fine. The noodles were not quite as firm as the fresh MREs, but other than that, just fine". TheEpicenter.com owner.

The manufacturer uses an estimated shelf life figure of "3 to 5 years, plus or minus" for its MRE-type pouched food products. Actual shelf life may vary from this estimate. A key factor effecting actual shelf life is the temperature of the storage environment. Storage at temperatures higher than 85°F may shorten the shelf life of MRE-type food products. On the other hand, lowering the storage temperature will help extend the products' shelf life. This effect is common to most processed food products.

The shelf life figures given in the table for MREs are based on taste test studies conducted by the U.S. Army's NATIC Research Laboratories. This study was conducted by NATIC without participation of the MRE manufacturers. As such, the manufacturer cannot verify the test procedures used by the NATIC labs, nor do they adopt these shelf life figures as a guarantee of any sort. The data is useful, though, as a general indication of the effects of storage temperatures on the shelf life of MRE-type food products.

PDF file available for this itemMRE Shelf Life Chart

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