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Mountain House Can Sale - March 2015

Garden Preparedness & Survival Seeds

Non-Hybrid & Non-GMO Heirloom Preparedness Seeds provide the missing link in your food storage plan. Each #10 can contains popular varieties of seeds that will plant enough to sustain your family perpetually in a time of need! Because these seeds are non-hybrid varieties, seeds may be harvested at the end of the growing season and then used for the next year's planting too!

Available seed selections include: VEGETABLE GARDEN PREP Seeds, CULINARY HERBS Seeds, FRUITS & SUCH Seeds, MEDICINAL HERBS Seeds, SALSA GARDEN Seeds, and ANCIENT GRAINS Seeds.

These seeds are packed in a #10 can, and each seed variety is individually and hermetically sealed in recloseable mylar bags. Complete planting and seed harvesting instructions are included inside each can.

These sealed containers of seeds* will store 4-5+ years on a shelf at 70 degrees.  Seeds stored in a root cellar, refrigerator or freezer will store much, much longer.

Garden seedsGARDEN PREP Seeds

Sixteen (16) popular garden vegetable seed varieties, including:

  • SWEET CORN, Golden Bantam, 5 oz
  • ONION, White Sweet Spanish, 10g
  • SPINACH, Bloomsdale Long Standing, 10g
  • WINTER SQUASH, Waltham Butternut, 10g
  • SQUASH ZUCCHINI, Black Beauty, 10g
  • RADISH, Champion, 10g
  • TOMATO, Rutgers, 5g
  • SWISS CHARD, Lucullus, 10g
  • PEA, Lincoln, 10oz
  • BEET, Detroit Dark Red, 10g
  • CABBAGE, Golden Acre, 10g
  • LETTUCE, Barcarolle Romaine or Paris Island Cos, 5g
  • CUCUMBER, Marketmore 76, 10g
  • CARROT, Scarlet Nantes, 10g
  • PEPPER, Yolo Wonder, 5g
  • BUSH BEAN, Blue Lake or Contender, 5oz

Each #10 Can plants 3/4 acre! If you were to purchase the same amount of seeds at your local garden center; you would need to purchase 100 - 150 small packets.

Garden Prep Seeds (Non Hybrid, Non GMO) - #10 Can size. Price $43.95

Herb seedsCULINARY HERBS Seeds

  • ANISE, 100+ Seeds
  • BASIL, Italian Large Leaf or Genovese, 5g
  • BASIL, Lemon, 5g
  • CHIVES, 5g
  • CHIVES, Garlic, 5g
  • CILANTRO, Slow Bolt, 10g
  • DILL, Bouquet, 5g
  • FENNEL, Florence, 5g
  • LAVENDER, Vera, 100+ Seeds
  • MAJORAM, Sweet, 5g
  • OREGANO, Italian, 5g
  • PARSLEY, Italian Flat Leaf, 5g
  • PEPPERMINT, 400+ Seeds
  • ROSEMARY, 200+ Seeds
  • SAGE, Broad Leaved, 5g
  • THYME, 5g

Each #10 can plants enough for a large herb garden!

Culinary Herbs Seeds (Non Hybrid, Non GMO) - #10 Can size. Price $43.95

Non-Hybrid Fruit seedsFRUITS 'N' SUCH Seeds

Each #10 can contains a total of 12 seed varieties, including garden fruits and sweet vegetables designed for versatility in your food storage. Fruits and vegetables are an important part of any food storage plan -- why not grow your own?

  • ALPINE STRAWEBERRY, Alexandria, 300 Seeds
  • WATERMELON, Crimson Sweet, 10g
  • CANTALOUPE, Hales Best Jumbo, 10g
  • HONEY DEW, Green Flesh, 10g
  • GROUND CHERRY, 300 seeds
  • CANARY MELON, Yellow, 10g
  • PUMPKIN, Connecticut Field, 10g
  • TOMATO, Large Red Cherry, 5g
  • CASABA MELON, Golden Beauty, 10g
  • MELON, Crenshaw, 10g
  • TOMATO, Yellow Pear, 5g

NOTE: All seed amounts are approximate. Minor substitutions of varieties may occur dependent upon crop availability.

Fruits 'N' Such Seeds (Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO) - #10 Can size.  Price $43.95

Non-Hybrid Medicinal Herb SeedsMEDICINAL HERBS Seeds

Each #10 can contains 16 medicinal herb varieties designed to help people meet their health needs when the family garden may be the only resource for home remedies. Also includes instruction booklet written by Dr. Robert Ellsworth, N.M.D.

  • CHAMOMILE, 400 Seeds
  • BURDOCK, 100 Seeds
  • ST. JOHNs WORT, 200 Seeds
  • HOREHOUND, 100 Seeds
  • ARNICA, 50 Seeds
  • STINGING NETTLE, 200 Seeds
  • MILK THISTLE, 50 Seeds
  • ECHINACEA, Purple Coneflower, 5g
  • ASHWAGANDHA, 100 Seeds
  • DANDELION, 200 Seeds
  • HOT PEPPER, Cayenne, 5g
  • YARROW, 100 Seeds
  • PEPPERMINT, 200 Seeds
  • OREGON GRAPE, 50 Seeds

NOTE: All seed amounts are approximate. Minor substitutions of varieties may occur dependent upon crop availability.

Medicinal Herbs Seeds (Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO) - #10 Can size. Price $49.95 

Salsa Garden SeedsSALSA GARDEN Seeds

By storing away enough seed to plant a large salsa garden, you will be able to spice up your food storage for years to come. Includes Award-winning Salsa Recipe and enough seeds to plant a large Salsa Garden!

Varieties included in each #10 can:

  • HOT PEPPER, Anaheim, 5g
  • HOT PEPPER, Jalapeno Early, 5g
  • SWEET PEPPER, California Wonder, 5g
  • SWEET PEPPER, Big Red, 5g
  • ONION, Ruby Red, 10g
  • ONION, Yellow Sweet Spanish, 10g
  • ONION, White Sweet Spanish, 10g
  • CILANTRO, Slow Bolt, 10g
  • TOMATO, Beefsteak, 5g
  • TOMATO, Roma, 5g
  • TOMATO, Rutgers, 5g
  • TOMATILLO, Grande Rio Verde, 100+ Seeds
Salsa Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO) - #10 Can size. Price $43.95


The Preparedness Seeds Ancient Grains #10 Can provides 10 grain seed varieties which have been chosen for their proven health benefits and potential for sustainable farming. Through the ages, various civilizations have used these grain crops to sustain, nourish and cloth their peoples. There is no way to include enough grain in this assortment to plant a full crop of any one grain but the intention is that these varieties of grain may be saved and preserved by those who purchase the assortment and then used to build up seed stocks in the event of a time of need. As time rolls forward, it will become harder and harder to find sources for modern grains that have not been tainted by genetic modification - thus the need to preserve ancient grains - even if we can only do so in small amounts.

  • 10 large seed packets sealed in a #10 can
  • All Non-hybrid, open pollinated varieties
  • Equivalent of more than 100 average size seed packets
  • Harvested seeds can be planted year after year
  • Packets are re-sealable for lasting protection
  • Complete planting and harvesting instructions included

Varieties included*:

  • BARLEY, Waxy Hulless, 4oz
  • SPELT, Maverick, 5oz
  • KORASAN WHEAT, Kamut® Brand, 5oz
  • MILLET, White Proso, 4oz
  • FLAX, Brown, 4oz
  • RYE, Prima, 4oz
  • OATS, Monida, 5oz
  • CORN, Indian, 2oz
  • AMARANTH, Kanta, 1oz
  • QUINOA, Short Blanca, 10g

*Important note: Because of the shortage of Non-Hybrid seeds, substitutions may occur!

Ancient Grains Seeds (Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO) - #10 Can size. Price $43.95

The "ULTIMATE Seed Supply"

SAVE $23.70 when you buy all 6 heirloom seed assortments in the "Ultimate Seed Supply" collection! To our knowledge, this is the largest assortment of heirloom seeds offered anywhere!

Features of the "Ultimate Seed Supply" include:

  • Contains a total of 76 heirloom seed varieties (there are actually 79, but three of the varieties are duplicated)
  • Contains approximately 130,000 seeds!
  • Packaged for long term storage
  • All non-hybrid, open pollinated varieties
  • Harvested seeds can be planted year after year
  • Packets are resealable for lasting protection
  • Planting and seed collecting instructions are included in each can
  • Contains six Preparedness Seed #10 cans: Garden Prep, Culinary Herbs, Fruits 'N Such, Medicinal Herbs, Salsa Garden, and Ancient Grains
The Ultimate Seed Supply (Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO). Price $246.00 ($269.70 if purchased separately)

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