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Emergency Power Sources and DIY Generators

We offer a wide selection of emergency power sources to keep your electronics running, including the Power Pot, Pan Charger, Pot Charger and Fire Power Thermoelectric Generators. Especially cool is The Epicenter's very own Universal Generator Bracket: now you can build your own AC and DC generator! Both inexpensive and effective. We also carry the highly popular solar battery recharger. (Use the sun to recharge those batteries.) We also offer DC to AC power inverters (converters) to run AC equipment on battery power!


Get Power from Fire!
Fire Powered DC Generators
(Thermoelectric Generators)

Called "Hatsuden Nabe" in Japan

How Thermoelectric Generators Work:

Thermoelectric moduleAlthough these generators look like normal household Pots and Pans, they are far from normal. They are actually very sophisticated fire powered DC generators, able to convert heat energy into electrical energy.

At the heart of the Pan \and Pot Chargers is one or more Thermoelectric Generator Modules (or "TEG"). A TEG is a device that creates a voltage when there is a different temperature on each side of the device. These TEG devices are made with materials developed in Japan for recovering waste heat in industrial applications and are capable of operation at extremely high temperatures, like found in a wood camp fire.

The TEG module(s) are mounted within a cavity in the bottom of the Pan and Pot Chargers. The Pan Chargers employ one TEG module: The 8 Watt Pot Charger uses 4 modules, and the 12 watt Pot Charger has 6 modules. The FirePower 40 watt model is a different animal, and we will discuss it later.

One side of the TEG is exposed to heat (from a fire for example), and the other side which is thermally connected to the interior of the Pan or Pot is cooled by water which is placed inside the vessel.

When heated with a wood-fueled fire, the bottom of the pan will be exposed to temperatures in the range of 450 to 550 degrees Celsius (842 to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit). In a few minutes the water inside the pan boils and maintains a constant temperature of 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit). This creates a temperature difference of 350 to 450 degrees Celsius (662 to 842 degrees Fahrenheit). It is this temperature difference that the TEG module uses to generate electricity, as the heat moves from one side of the module to the other side. This movement of heat actually goes through many hundred small devices in between the two surfaces on the TEG, and this heat movement is what generates power.


  • Water must be inside the Pan and Pot Chargers during operation. Always keep the vessel filled at least 1/3 with water or the thermoelectric generator module(s) will be permanently damaged.
  • Clean the inside of the Pan or Pot by hand and do not submerge in water. The bottom of the vessel housing the TEG modules is not waterproof and should never be exposed to water.
  • Check the devices you intend to power for charge current requirements.

Single USB Output Thermoelectric Generators


FireBox stove with Pan ChargerCharge Devices Shown with optional FireBox Stove and Pan Adapter plate (phone not included)


The Power Pot in use with optional FireBox StoveCharge DevicesShown with optional FireBox Stove and Pan Adapter plate (phone not included)

Pan Charger (HC-5)

Hatsuden Nabe PAN CHARGER
3 Watt maximum USB output
1.1 Liter (37 oz) capacity
Single TEG Module
Model HC-5

  • Stainless Steel construction inside and out for easy cleaning.
  • One USB charging output.
  • Able to boil water and cook soup while generating power and charging devices.
  • Can charge USB devices including iPhone, camcorders, GPS and others up to 2 watts continuous, 3 watts peak.
  • Made in Japan.
USB Pan Charger.   Price $199.00  New Price $150.00 On Sale - Limited time
OPTION - Add FireBox Stove.  Price $59.99
OPTION - Add FireBox PAN Adapter Plate for Pan Charger.  Price $9.95

The Power Pot, Thermoelectric GeneratorThe Power Pot

5 Watt maximum USB output
1.4 Liter (47 oz) capacity
Single TEG Module
Model PowerPot V

  • Aluminum constriction with anodized surface inside and out.
  • Fold away handles.
  • Includes cup, and 5 LED USB light (not shown).
  • One USB charging output.
  • Able to boil water while generating power and charging devices.
  • Can charge USB devices including iPhone, camcorders, GPS and others up to 5 watts peak
  • Assembled in the USA.

The Optional Pan adapter is not required for the Power Pot, but is very useful in keeping the sides of the pot clean and free of soot. The hole in the adapter plate allows most of the heat collecting surface to be exposed to direct heat, while sealing off the perimeter from smoke and flame exposure.

The Power Pot VPrice $149.00
OPTION - Add FireBox Stove.  Price $59.99
OPTION - Add FireBox PAN Adapter Plate for PowerPot.  Price $9.95

12 Volt and Quad USB Output Thermoelectric Generators

Charge Devices12 watt thermoelectric generator Pot Charger

Pot Charger (WHC-12)

Hatsuden Nabe 12W Pot Charger
30 Watt Maximum, 12 Watt continuous
12 volt and USB output
8 Liter (270 oz) capacity
Six TEG Modules
Model WHC-12

  • Stainless Steel construction inside and out for easy cleaning.
  • 12 volt and 5 volt output.
  • 3 Cigarette Lighter outputs.
  • 4 USB charging outputs (using two dual USB adapters, included).
  • Able to boil water and cook soup while generating power and charging devices.
  • Can charge any combination of USB and 12 volt devices up to 30 watts maximum, 12 watts continuous (when the water is boiling)..
  • Uses Six Thermoelectric Modules.
  • Made in Japan
Pot Charger - 12 Watt Model WHC-12Price $649.00
OPTION - Add FireBox Stove.  Price $59.99
(No adapters required)

OPTIONAL USB LED Lighting Components

LED lighting kit for USB generators

Lights shown being powered by a Cup Charger (no longer available), heated with 4-Point Butane Stove.

USB LED Light 10 LED USB Light

Powered by a USB port. 1/2 watt power consumption.
Flexible and adjustable metal neck.

10 LED USB lightPrice $6.95 New Item

4 port USB hub 4-Way USB Power Splitter / Hub

Connect up to four [4] USB devices to our single USB Thermoelectric Generators.

Use this USB hub / power splitter with our USB LED lights and extension cords to provide lighting at your camp site. This Hub splits power to dumb USB devices like LED flashlights, camcorders, Blue tooth speakers and more.

This will not work with smart phones. Smart devices like iPhone must connect directly to our Thermoelectric Generators to charge, and will not charge when connected to this hub.

4 Port USB Hub / Power SplitterPrice $5.95 New Item

High Power USB ExtensionHigh Power USB Extension Cable

This cable has 24 Gauge power wires for minimum voltage drop. Can be used to power USB devices like iPhone, Lights or others 10 feet away from our Thermoelectric Generators.

10-foot USB Extension CablePrice $4.95 New Item

USB Power Accessories

USB Rechargable FlashlightUSB Chargeable Mini Flashlight

This makes a great addition to all of our Thermoelectric Generators

This tiny flashlight charges via USB.

  • White LED produces 25 lumens of light.
  • Provides 150 minutes of light on 10 minute charge.
  • Red charging indicator changes to green when charged.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery recharged via USB.
  • Dimensions: 0.87" diameter x 2.05" long.
USB Chargeable Mini FlashlightPrice $5.95 New Item

USB AA AAA NIMH battery chargerUSB Battery Charger (for Ni-MH AA and AAA Batteries)

  • Recharges high capacity Ni-MH AA and AAA batteries from USB power
  • Chargers two AA, or two AAA batteries at the same time
  • Charge rate 160 ma per battery
  • Input power : 2W
  • Can be used with the Pan or Pot Chargers or other 5 volt USB power supplies
USB Battery ChargerPrice $7.95

Medusa Multi connector USB cableMedusa - Multi Connector USB Charging Cable

Now you have all the charging cables you need for all your USB devices in one handy adapter.

This cable has 10 connectors. Three of them are the most useful. These include an apple 30 pin connector for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Then it has a micro USB and a Mini USB. Between the mini and micro USB it covers 90% of the modern devices out there. There are also 7 other connectors for Nokia (2 types), Sony Ericsson, Samsung (2 types), LG and Play Station Portable.

For a list of supported models click here.

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod 30 pin
  • Micro USB
  • Mini USB
  • Nokia (2 types)
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Samsung (2 types)
  • LG
  • Play Station Portable
Medusa - Multi Connector USB Charging CablePrice $10.95

Miscellaneous Accessories

Velcro wire tiesVelcro-style Wire Organizers (10 pack)

Velcro wire ties

One of the greatest inventions of all time!

Why didn't I think of that?

  • Reusable wire tie / wire organizers using Velcro.
  • Color coded 10 pack, with 2 of each of 5 colors.
  • Shown here is one of these being used on a microphone cord. This is a fantastic product for musicians or anyone who has audio / video cable to organize.
Velcro-style Wire Organizers (10 pack).  Price $1.49  Reduced Price $1.19 On sale


See our complete listing of DC to AC converters.
Run 120 Volt devices off of battery power!

DC to AC Power Inverters Converters, Universal DC Adapters
(Click Here)


Two versions of our Horizantal generator bracketUniversal Horizontal Shaft Generator Bracket

Now several versions of our famous Universal Generator Bracket
You can now build your own AC / DC generator!

A unique bracket that mounts a GM 10si alternator to a horizontal shaft gas engine. The simple way to build your own generator!  Add a DC to AC power converter, and you have a super high output DC charging system, as well as an AC generator. Be aware, you must have a battery hooked up to the alternator, or you will damage the internal voltage regulator.

We have designed and manufactured a simple, one piece universal mounting bracket specifically for this task! This bracket bolts to the motor (using a universal bolt pattern), and allows the alternator to bolt directly to the bracket. The bracket also has an integral belt adjustment slot which allows the alternator position to be adjusted, which serves to tension the belt.

We now have 2 versions of our bracket. The long one is the one we have been selling for years. The short version is a new one that is intended for applications when you want a more compact system, and have an engine with no obstructions on one side. These brackets are designed for the small footprint GM 10SI Alternator. Larger alternators will not fit!

Dimensions for Long version:

  • 19.5" long x 8" tall.
  • 13" from center of motor shaft to center of alternator shaft with belt adjusted in center.
  • 6.6" between standard 2 bolt mounting bolts for GM 10si alternator
  • Made from 10 gauge Steel or Stainless Steel (0.135" thick)

Dimensions for Short version:

  • 16.5" long x 8" tall.
  • 9" from center of motor shaft to center of alternator shaft with belt adjusted in center.
  • 6.6" between standard 2 bolt mounting bolts for GM 10si alternator
  • Made from 10 gauge Steel or Stainless Steel (0.135" thick)

See our "Tip O'da Week" on the subject.

Horizontal Shaft Generator Bracket

Short Version mounted on a Tecumseh OHV Engine


Long Version mounted on a Tecumseh OHV Engine

Short version mounted at 45 degree angleShort version mounted on OHV engine
Long version mounted on OHV

SHORT Version brackets are temporarily sold out

28" belt (for the SHORT version of the bracket).  Price: $9.00
(Use with our 4" pulley on motor and standard 2.5" alternator pulley

4" Pulley for 3/4" engine shaft. Price: $14.95

Bare Steel Universal Horizontal Shaft Generator Bracket, LONG VersionPrice: $24.95

Black Powder Coated Universal Horizontal Shaft Generator Bracket, LONG VersionPrice: $29.95

37" Belt (for the LONG version of the bracket).  Price: $9.00

4" Pulley for 3/4" engine shaft.  Price: $14.95

Alternators Pulleys and Belts and other items

A Note About Alternator Pulleys and Belts

The normal 2.5" pulley (shown here) on a GM 10si alternator is a 3/8" automotive pitch belt. You will not be able to find a 3/8" automotive pitch pulley to go on your engine. The only commonly available pulleys available in standard engine shaft diameters that have key ways are Industrial "A" style models. These require Industrial "A" style belts.

The pulleys and belts we sell to go on the engine are industrial "A" style, 1/2 inch wide. Although the combination of automotive and Industrial "A" style belts is not the ideal solution, it works well for most customers and is the least expensive option. The belt rides a little higher in the alternator pulley, and at the correct depth on the engine pulley. Extreme power users may experience some belt wear, especially if the belt is not tight, or if the pulleys are misaligned even to a slight degree because of the reduced contact area between the alternator pulley and belt side.

There is a better solution! The Special Industrial "A" Belt Pulley for GM 10si Alternator

We are now offering a special 2.5" Industrial "A" style pulley that fits the GM 10si alternator. These will fit any of the alternators we sell, and we will even install it for you at no cost by request. Shown here is the same belt as it would fit our new special alternator pulley. So, for people who plan to run their systems near capacity for extended periods of time, we recommend replacing the standard pulley on the alternator with one of ours.

If you already have your own alternator, or did not buy it from us, we can not guarantee this will fit your alternator. Please look very closly at the diagram for measurements. You may return it if it doesn't work out, but you will be responsable for shipping costs BOTH ways which may be more then the cost of the pulley.

Special Industrial "A" Belt Pulley for the GM 10si Alternator

Special Pulley for Alternator, 2.5 inch,  "A" style industrialPrice: $19.95
Install this pulley to any alternator purchased on this order. ($2.50 installation fee)

Alternator Direction and Fans

10si and 12si stock fansStock Fans

Stock Fans for 10si (shown at left in photo above) and 12si alternators (shown on right in photo above). The above photo shows stock fans for the 10SI alternators (like the 63 amp model) and the 12SI alternators.

Most asked questions:

Q:  Doesn't the alternator run backwards?

A:  Yes, in several of these projects the alternator turns in the opposite direction. An alternator will function in either direction.

Q:  Is cooling an issue when the fan runs in the wrong direction?

A:  In most situations, no. The fan still functions but at reduced efficiency. The alternators in our projects are bolted to a metal mounting plate which acts as a large heat sink. We do offer a special bi-directional fan that can be used in place of the stock fan. This fan is as efficient when rotated in either direction.

Q:  Where can I find a reverse fan?

A:  A bi-directional fan is available from us. For a true reverse direction fan you will find them used on '65-'69 Corvairs. But the Corvair fans have an integral pulley which can not be removed and is not the ideal diameter.

Bi-directional fan for 10si and 12si alternatorBi-directional Fans for use with our alternators

Photo above: (back face on left, front face on right)

These fans fit the 10SI and 12SI alternators we sell. If you already have an alternator, we can not guarantee these will fit. They will only fit if the existing fan has a dish in the center, and the dish points toward the alternator. See the above pictures.

Bi-directional Fan for GM 10SI or GM 12SI AlternatorPrice: $24.75
Install this pulley to any alternator purchased on this order. ($2.50 installation fee)

Vertical Shaft Generator Bracket

Mounting bracket for home made generatorVertical Shaft Generator Bracket

Now build a generator from a common-style lawn mower engine with our new Vertical Shaft Generator Bracket!

Universal mounting pattern fits all lawn mower engines. Same integral belt adjustment slot and alternator mounting provisions as our horizontal design.

(Bracket allows you to mount alternator as in the photo below):

Build a generator from a lawn mower engine.See our "Tip O'da Week" on the subject.

Dimensions for Vertical Bracket:

  • 24" long x 12" wide.
  • 11" from center of motor shaft to center of alternator shaft with belt adjusted in center.
  • 6.6" between standard 2 bolt mounting bolts for GM 10si alternator.
  • Made from 10 gauge steel or Stainless Steel (0.135" thick).
Bare Steel Vertical Shaft Mounting BracketPrice $29.95
Black Powder Coated Vertical Shaft Mounting BracketPrice $38.95
2.5" Pulley for engine, 2 1/2" cast iron, 3/16" key way, 7/8" shaft, "A" style industrial.  Price: $19.95
30" Belt for vertical shaft bracket and pulley above, "A" style industrial.  Price $9.00

Alternators - Regulators

Delco-Remy Alternator.Alternators and Regulators

For use with any of our generator projects.

Sold outright! No core charge!
All alternators are remanufactured  with new brushes and bearings, right here in Eugene, Oregon.

If you plan to run your system near capacity for extended periods of time, we recommend replacing the standard pulley on the alternator with one of our special Industrial "A" belt alternator pulleys above.

Be aware, you must have a battery hooked up to an alternator or you will damage the internal voltage regulator if you try to rotate it at normal RPMs.

Model 7122, 63 Amp - External regulator typePrice $49.95
Model 11710, External voltage regulator for 7122 alternatorsPrice $27.50
Wiring Plug for 7122 (you provide switch)Price $5.50

Model 7127, 63 Amp - Internal regulator type, 12 volt. External switch requiredPrice $71.95 (RECOMMENDED MODEL)  (Also see wiring plug below)
Model 7294, 94 Amp - Internal regulator type, 12 volt. External switch requiredPrice $102.95
Wiring plug for 7127, 7294 alternators (you provide switch)Price $5.50

Model 7127X, 63 amp - Single wire, internal regulator type, 12 voltPrice $75.95
Model 7294X, 94 Amp - Single wire, internal regulator type, 12 voltPrice $128.95


Direct Drive Generators

Q:  How do you direct drive a generator head with an engine?

A:  Direct drive shaft coupler assembly.

To connect the output shaft of an engine to a generator head input shaft (or anything else for that matter), a special shaft coupler is required. Basically, three pieces are needed.

Select a coupler half that is the correct size to fit the engine shaft (or driving shaft size), then select a coupler half that is the correct size for the generator head (or driven shaft size). Then the two shaft couplers are joined using what is called a spider. Notice that the shaft couplers each have 3 fingers and the spider has 6 slots. The three fingers from the engine side fit into three of the spider slots, and the three fingers from the generator side coupler fit into the other three slots on the spider. This coupler assembly allows for several degrees of misalignment between the two shafts and protect the bearings from seeing side loads that would result from misalignment.

These couplers are available in several sizes, but we have marked the ones that are needed for our projects:

Special Direct Drive Alternator Coupler

This coupler is custom machined to replace the nut, lock washer and pulley on a standard GM 10si alternator.With this, and our direct drive bracket set you can build an untra compact and reliable charging system with no belts to wear out.

Installing our custom direct drive alternator coupler.

We have had a few customers ask for the easy way is to install our custom direct drive alternator coupler. First you have to remove the nut, lock washer and pulley from the alternator. The only practical way is to block the fan on top of a piece of wood, and use an air impact wrench on the nut. If you don't have one, take your alternator to any shop and pay them a few dollars to do it for you.

Now, to install our alternator coupler you will need an allen wrench to fit the end of your alternator shaft, and a second one goes across 2 of the ears. Hold the shaft in position with the center allen wrench, and turn the coupler with the other wrench as shown. Again we will install this for you on request.

Direct drive alternator mounting assembly.

Direct drive system The next thing need is a way to mount the direct drive system to the engine. Shown here is the complete assembly. Note that we do not sell completed assemblies, just the two plates. The engine plate has mounting slots such that it can fit all engines with bolt circles smaller or equal to 7.5 inches. This covers everything from 3 HP to 20 HP. The plate with the large hole is where the alternator mounts.

Direct drive mounting assemblyNotice from the picture on the right that there are spacers and bolts connecting the two plates. We do not provide the bolts or spacer tubes. The engine plate comes with nuts pre-welded to the side of the plate that faces away from the engine. This is done so that the surface of the plate that touches the motor is free of obstructions.; The spacer tubes need to be large enough in diameter that they can sit over the nuts (the nuts sit inside the tubes). In the example shown, we used square tube for the spacers but we have also used 3/4 electrical conduit for the spacers. The length of the bolts and the length of the spacers must be determined at the time of assembly and are not provided.

Bare Steel Direct Drive Bracket SetPrice: $34.95
Black Powder Coated Direct Drive Bracket SetPrice: $55.95
Stainless Steel Direct Drive Bracket SetPrice: $65.95

1/2" Direct Drive CouplerPrice $18.50
5/8" Direct Drive CouplerPrice $18.50
3/4" Direct Drive Coupler (most 5 HP and smaller horizontal shaft motors).  Price $18.50
7/8" Direct Drive Coupler (use with most vertical shaft motors).  Price $18.50
1" Direct Drive Coupler (use with 8 HP horizontal motors and others).  Price $18.50


Modified Coupler - Special-threaded and Counter Bored for GM Alternators. Custom made to direct drive GM alternators with gas enginePrice $33.50
Install this the above coupler to any alternator purchased on this order. ($5.00 installation fee)

Battery shut off switchBattery Switch on battery Battery Master Disconnect Cut Off Switch

Battery master disconnect kill switch for cars and trucks with top post batteries. This switch fits the negative post of all top post batteries. This extremely handy cutoff switch enables you to quickly and easily disconnect your automobile battery for safety, servicing, or storage. They are recommended by classic car insurance companies and required by many auto storage companies.

As shown in the photo, you simply install this battery isolator switch on the negative post of your top post battery, then attach your battery cable to the back of the switch and you are done! To engage power simply hand tighten the green knob and slightly loosen the green knob to disconnect all power. The green knob can also be completely removed to help discourage unauthorized use.

These same switches often sell for $13.95 at specialty shops and are highly recommended for all classic and antique cars.

Battery Disconnect SwitchPrice $5.95New Item

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