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How to Prepare for an Emergency

A natural disaster can happen at any time. Some disasters give warning like a storm preceding a flood. Others, like earthquakes give no warning. Once a disaster happens, the time to prepare is gone and all you can do is cope. Take the next few minutes to examine what you can do to prepare. Anything you do today to will be like making a deposit in your survivability savings account for withdrawal in tough times. has composed a list of recommended supplies for your car, home, and work location. At a minimum, you should prepare to be isolated and on your own for at least a minimum of 3 days and nights. There will likely be the loss of utilities after a disaster. Power outages are a given, but water may be scarce as well. The phone system may be inoperable. Your only source of news will be the car radio, assuming your local radio station has generator equipment. There might not be medical help for minor cuts or broken bones for several days.

ZAP!With the loss of power come side affects you may not think of. There will be no gasoline available. (Without power, there is no way to pump the gas.) You might be far from home. Your car's heater might be your only source of heat. The money in your pocket will have to last until power is returned. Some supplies may be available, but buying some items like a manual can opener will be impossible. Cash cards will be useless if power or phone lines are lost. Many stores will have a hard time opening since items don't have prices on them anymore, thanks to scanning cash registers! You get the picture.

You could be just about anywhere when a disaster strikes; in the bathroom, driving to the store, sitting at your desk at work, or in the back yard. But remember, you will most likely be at, or near one of the following:

Your car.

You need to have supplies on hand at each location. It may sound like overkill, but you can't expect all three locations to be unscathed if a large disaster strikes. If you store provisions at each location, you will cover most of the likely situations. Another note: pets may not be allowed into shelters for health and space reasons. Prepare an emergency pen for pets in the home that includes a 3-day supply of dry food and a large container of water.

Let's look at some things you can do to prepare

Man at work.At Work

House.At home

Home is where you can do the most to be prepared. But remember that you are only home for about 1/2 of the hours in a day. You must also be prepared at work, and have additional supplies in your car.

Know your house

Know your neighbors, and neighborhood

Know your family

A car.In Your Car

Have a mechanic check the following items on your car to keep it ready

Recommended Supplies

The following list of supplies are slanted to items for your home. After all, home is where you have the largest space available for your supplies. This is an ideal list and we at realize that some of these items might be a bit out of reach for many. Look the list over, and try to understand why some of the items are listed. What we all really need to survive is food, water, and shelter. Beyond these three categories, everything else is just for comfort. But again, anything you can put away will be greatly appreciated in time of need!

House suppliesStore at home:




Barbecue, 40 pounds charcoal, and two cans of starter fluid. Or a propane unit with two 20 pound containers of propane. A propane camp stove may also be used.

Store the following items for use with above:



First aid kit. has several First Aid kits available. One is ideal for your car supplies and another is ideal for the home. We also recommend taking a first aid class including CPR.

Also store the following items:





Baby stuff (if needed):


Car supplies.Store in car:

Components should be placed in a good quality backpack. has developed several backpacks with many of the items below. Additional items may be purchased from local sources. Store backpack in trunk of car.

Desk supplies.Store at work

Take a look around your work site. You will find that state and federal regulations have required your employer to have fire extinguishers and first aid kits at key locations. Some employers are beginning to place chemical light sticks in some areas, but you need to plan for the worst. You need the supplies to be on your own for three days. It may take you that long to get home, and don't count on your car being accessible if you park in a parking building. has several basic supply kits that are ideal for your desk.

Cover head.What to do during an Earthquake!

The following list is tailored to responding to a disaster that gives no warning like an earthquake. Some responses may not make sense if you are going through a hurricane for example. Look over the list and see what applies.

You are inside:

You are in your car:

You are outside:

Check.What to do after a quake!


Inside or around the house:

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