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Mountain House Can Sale - March 2015

The History of was started in May of 1995 as a way of passing on useful information to people interested in natural disaster preparedness.  At that time, the internet was still young, so we could offer only limited survival plans and products useful in emergency situations.  Since then, the internet has undergone amazing developments which have enabled us to provide visitors with free information and links, and to actually market the products useful for dealing with natural catastrophes.

Internet sales have grown steadily over the years, and our product line has expanded to include high quality, hard-to-find products at competitive, if not down right cheap, prices.  Our incredible customer base continues to baloon, spanning the entire country!  As we celebrate our 19th YEAR on the Intenet, we still offer the same great free information, including's Tip O'Da Week.  We also offer great new custom products, like the "Universal Generator Bracket."

We are happy to supply you with any of our fine products, but we also want to stress that there are things you can and should do on your own. We still offer lots of FREE information, including our "Tips O'Da Week" and our Disaster Preparedness Plans.  We recommend that if you can locate in your own town the supplies and other items we suggest, you might be better off using those resources!

Being prepared for any emergency shouldn't cost you "an arm and a leg."  Everyone needs to be prepared!  The more people who are prepared, the fewer friends and neighbors who will need a slice of our collectively stored "pie."  Being prepared for an emergency is something you CAN and MUST do!  Disaste- related organizations predict  that you will be on your own for a minimum of 3 days and nights before help arrives (even in the smallest of emergencies.) believes that surviving a disaster is only the beginning. Your visit here today will help you in evaluating what is important: family, friends and the simple things - like watching your garden grow.  We believe our products and information are the most comprehensive on the Web. Thanks again, for visiting

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