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Mountain House Can Sale - March 2015

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EverSafe Meal Kit CasesEverSafe™ Meal Kit CasesNew Item!

EverSafe Meal Kits are manufactured by The Wornick Company, who meets military specifications of the MRE industry.

EverSafe meal pouches contain Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) food. This is normal food! The food is pre-cooked, put into retort packaging (the "pouch") and the pouch is sealed. The pouch and the food it contains are then heated for sterilization purposes. Since the pouch is sealed, the food stays fresh for a long time. Since the food and pouch is sterilized by heat in a sealed container, bacteria cannot get in and spoil it. Think of retort packaging as a flexible can. The food tastes no different from canned chili or beef stew, or any meal ready to eat.

The manufacturer indicates a stated shelf life of 36 months from pack date for EverSafe Meal Kits when stored at at 80°F. Shelf life depends on storage conditions! The shelf life of these MREs can be extended when stored in cooler temperatures.

EverSafe Meal Kit Cases include 12 complete high quality meals. Each meal kit has an average of 1,000 to 1,250 calories per meal, and includes the following:

  • Entree (typically 6 varieties, 2 of each in every case for a total of 12)
  • Cracker/Bread (i.e., snack bread, regular crackers, vegetable crackers)
  • Snack/Spread (i.e. pound cake, cookie, M&Ms, candy, applesauce, peanut butter, raisins)
  • Beverage Mix (i.e., drink mix, cappucino, or dairy shake)
  • Accessory Pack (Spoon, salt, pepper, napkin)
  • Heater pouch
  • Nutritional Menu Insert

PDF file available for this itemEverSafe Specification Sheet

These EverSafe cases were packed on the 268th day of 2013 (Lot #3268) and contain the following menu selection (2 of each, for a total of 12 meals):

  • Asian Style Beef Strips w/ Vegetables
  • Beef Pot Roast w/ Vegetables in Gravy
  • Grilled Beef Patty, Jalapeno Pepper Jack
  • Mexican Style Chicken Stew
  • Penne w/ Vegetable Sausage Crumbles in Spicy Tomato Sauce
  • Southwest Style Beef & Black Beans w/ Sauce
EVERSAFE™ Meal Kit Case (12 meals WITH Heaters).  Introductory Price $60.00

Half case of Eversafe MREsEverSafe™ Meal Kit HALF CasesNew Item!

We also offer EverSafe Meal Kits in 1/2 cases — You will get 6 different full meals. No duplications!

EVERSAFE™ Half Case (6 meals WITH Heaters).  Introductory Price $32.00

New Ready to Eat Products

MRE Smoked AlmondsMRE Smoked Almonds

  • Super Fresh! September 2014 Production
  • Single serving, 0.67 oz package
  • Sold in 12-packs only
MRE Smoked Almonds (12-pack).  Price $9.00 ($0.75 each) New Item!

MRE Tortillas by AmeriQualMRE Whole Wheat Tortillas

  • MRE packaging for long shelf life.
  • Three-year shelf life at 80 degrees.
  • Two (2) Tortillas per package.
  • 140 calories per package.
  • Tortillas are folded in half, making a compact package.
  • Production date 210th day of 2013

...When using with MRE Entrees, we recommend one package of MRE Tortillas per entree (2 tortillas).

...When using with Mountain House Wrap filling, we recommend two packages of MRE Tortillas each per 16 oz Wrap pouch (4 tortillas total).

MRE Tortillas - 1 pkg (2 tortillas per package).  Price $1.39New Item!
MRE Tortillas - 12 pack (24 total tortillas).  Price $15.00  ($1.25 ea)New Item!

MRE Cinnamon BunsMRE Cinnamon Buns

These Cinnamon Buns, manufactured by Bridgford Foods, are being used in the First Strike Rations (FSR).

  • October 2014 production date
  • 330 calories per unit
  • Sold in single units, with a discount when purchasing 12 or more
MRE Cinnamon Buns (2014).  Price $2.49 each (Buy 12 or more, $2.36 each)Back In Stock!

MRE Pound cakeMRE Pound Cakes & Snack Bread

  • These are our best-selling snacks -- all have a High Rating
  • Sold in 12-packs only
MRE Chocolate Banana Nut Muffin Top (2012) (12-pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)Back In Stock!
MRE Maple Muffin Top (2013) (12-pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)Back In Stock!
MRE Spice Pound Cake (2013) (12 pack).  Price $11.88 ($0.99 ea)Back In Stock!

MRE BrowniesMRE Brownies

  • From the same company who produces the MRE Pound Cakes!
  • One of our most popular snacks.
  • Sold in 12-packs only
MRE Brownie (2014) (12 pack).  Price $14.28 ($1.19 ea)Back In Stock!

MRE Hamburger BunsMRE Hamburger Buns

  • Shelf Stable
  • 6 hamburger buns per package
  • Manufactured by Sterling Foods
MRE Hamburger Buns (2014).  Price $4.75Back In Stock!

MRE Dried FruitMRE Dried Fruit Mix

  • SUPER FRESH -- September 2014 Production Date
  • A tasty mix of Banana, Papayas, and Pineapple
  • Sold in 12-packs only
MRE Dried Fruit Snack Mix (2014)  (12-pack).  Price $9.00 ($0.75 ea)Back In Stock!

MRE and HDR Peanut ButterMRE Peanut Butter

  • Fortified with Vitamin C, A, B6 and B1
  • 1.5 oz packets
  • Sold in 12 packs only
MRE Peanut Butter (2015) (12 pack).   Price $10.68 ($0.89 ea) Back In Stock!

MRE Entrees (Single-Serving)

Asian Style Beef Strips with Vegetables and Sauce (2014 production).  Price $2.50 New Item!
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Please note: The oyster sauce in this entree contains oyster sauce as a component.
See our YouTube review on this awesome entree!
Chicken Fajita (2013 production).  Price $2.50New Item!
YUM, YUM, YUM! High rating!
Chicken Pesto Pasta (2014 production).  Price $2.50 New Item!
To Die for! Extra High rating!
UNBOXED. The ingredients and nutrition info is printed on the pouch.
Janet Says:  "El - Yummo. I've been known to even eat this cold. A little oily when served cold - but very tasty! Excellent when heated!"
Pork Ribs  (2014 production).  Price $2.50 New Item!
To Die for! Extra High rating! For people who are fans of the McRib, it's like that but without the BBQ sauce. Very hard to find, and the military guys love it.
UNBOXED. The ingredients and nutrition info is printed on the pouch.
Bryan Says:  "The portion is kind of small, so be sure to order twice as much as you might for other entrees. This is also great mixed in with the Mexican Mac-n-Cheese side dish below."
Ratatouille (2012 production).   Price $2.35New Item!
To Die for! Extra High rating!
Mixed Vegetables and Penne Pasta in Tomato Sauce. NOTE: This entree is packaged in a "sleeve" style container.
Bryan Says:  "We had a customer like this so much last year, he had his church group buy several thousand of this one entree, and I agree. This is great!."
Shredded BBQ Beef (2014 production).  Price $2.50 New Item!
Vegetarian Taco Pasta (2013 production).   Price $2.50New Item!
This sounds weirder than it really is. It is simply just like chili without the meat. It's pretty good!

aPack Single Entrees without BoxSpecial "UNBOXED" aPack Entrees

These specially-priced entrees are available as individual units. We are also offering additional discounts when you buy the 5-Pack entree-only mixed kit package!

APack Entree - Homestyle Chicken Noodle (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!
APack Entree - Macaroni & Beef (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!
APack Entree - SW Chicken w/ Black Beans & Rice (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!
APack Entree - Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!
APack Entree - Vegetable Stew w/ Beef (NO OUTER BOX) (2012 production).  Price $1.70New Item!

Or, buy all five of the specially-priced unboxed entrees packaged together for additional savings:

APack Entree 5-PACK (No Outer Boxes) (2012 production dates).  Price $7.50  ($1.50 per entree)New Item!
This discounted entree-only kit includes one each of the following: Homestyle Chicken w/ Noodles & Vegetables, Macaroni & Beef, Southwestern Chicken w/ Black Beans & Rice, Spaghetti w/ Italian Meat Sauce, and Vegetable Stew w/ Beef.
Buy 5 or more of these 5-pack units and the price goes down to $7.00 per 5-pack ($1.40 per entree)

Other New Products

Kelly Kettle Hobo StoveKelly Kettle Hobo Stove

Make the fire-base of your Stainless Steel Base Camp or Stainless Steel Scout kettle into an effective wood fired camp stove with the Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove™ accessory.

  • Place on the fire base of the Base Camp and Scout kettles*, or on the ground by itself.
  • Creates a stable cooking surface for a pot or frying pan while fire is safely contained within the unit.
  • Compact and light weight, and packs INSIDE the Kelly Kettle fire base.
  • Uses any solid fuel.
  • Heat is directed toward the pot or fry pan on the top, so this unit is very fuel-efficient!
  • Durable! Made of Stainless Steel.

* Note: While the Hobo can be used on an aluminum fire base, you run the risk of overheating the aluminum and ruining that base. It is recommended that the Hobo Stove accessory be used with the Stainless Steel fire base only.

Hobo Stove Accessory for Kelly Kettle.   Price: $14.99New Item!

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