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Fuel Treatments for Long Term Fuel Storage

PRI fuel treatment PRI Gas and Diesel Fuel Treatment

We have had so many folks ask for this Fuel Treatment by name, we are now offering it again!

  • PRI-G for Gasoline
  • PRI-D for Diesel (or Kerosene)
  • PRI-Ocide Diesel & Kerosene Fuel Microbicide

This is the same product that TheEpicenter.com owner used to treat hundreds of gallons of gas and diesel for his own Y2K preparations years ago!

Read our Tip on Fuel Treatment and this products use.

PDF file available for this itemPRI-D info sheet
PDF file available for this itemPRI-G info sheet

PRI-D Diesel Fuel Ttreatment (Pint, treats 256 gallons).  Price $21.95
PRI-G Gasoline Fuel Treatment (Pint, treats 256 gallons).  Price $21.95

PRI-Ocide Fuel Microbicide for Diesel & Kerosene is not available at this time.

PRI-G small engine GAS stabalizer PRI-G Small Engine Gas Stabilizer

A smaller size, ideal for small engines and smaller fuel storage requirements.

PDF file available for this itemPRI-G small engine info sheet

PRI-G Small Engine Gas Stabilizer (8 oz, treats 20 gallons).  Price $5.99

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